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Dolphins 2013 word cloud perfectly captures season

Reddit recently released a set of word clouds for all 32 NFL teams. Taking a look at the Miami Dolphins' edition of the cloud, we get a pretty good summary of the season.


Word clouds are starting to pop up more and more often lately.  They are basically a visual representation of the most commonly used words or terms surrounding a specific topic.  Recently, Reddit posted a series of looks at the NFL, building word clouds for each NFL franchise, as well as the league itself, covering the 2013 season.  For the Miami Dolphins, the cloud is a perfect summation of the year.

While Reddit's version of the word cloud may be a little different than what we would probably see here on The Phinsider, it's probably about how we all felt during the year.  There we the highs of things like the wins over the New England Patriots and the NFL Playoffs being within the team's grasp, as well as the drafting of Dion Jordan and the signing of Mike Wallace, there were also the offensive line on- and off-field messes, the 58 sacks allowed, and Mike Sherman to frustrate all the fans.  As you see in the word cloud, there was plenty of cursing about the team, as well as some works like "awesome" making their way into the lexicon about the Dolphins.

You can check out the 200- and 300-word clouds for the Dolphins, and all of the league, at this imgur site, but I thought I would share with you the 100-word cloud.


Some quick thoughts on the cloud:

1. The Jets were clearly the most talked about team outside of Miami for Dolphins fans, which seems about right.  The Patriots, Bills, Ravens, and Browns all made the list in the top 100 as well.

2. Jeff Ireland appears in the top ten, and when your GM is one of the top ten words used about your team through a season, that cannot be a good thing.

3. Plenty of offensive line talk make the list as well, with Incognito, line, sacks, and Martin all being on the list.

4. Wow, we are a cursing group.

5. The logo change also made it into the top 100, with logo, change, and jersey all in the cloud.

What do you think of the Top 100 list?  What about the 200 and 300 options?  Let us know in the comments below.