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Jerry Jones 'very much for' NFL team in London

As the NFL prepares for three regular season games in London next season, the speculation that the league will one day place a franchise in the city continues to grow. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones admitted yesterday that he is "very much for" a London club.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Will the NFL put a franchise in London one day? Probably. Should the NFL put a franchise in London? That's a matter of opinion. One big player in the NFL ownership circle weighed in on the idea this week. Talking to Sky Sports about the Dallas Cowboys' game in Wembley Stadium this year, owner Jerry Jones was asked about the idea of the NFL expanding to London.

"I think that's very possible and I'm very much for it," Jones said. "These games will be a good indication of the type of support that we could have there, but London is one of the few cities outside of the United States that would be a great city internationally for the NFL."

The NFL will hold three regular season games in London this year, adding another cross-Atlantic trip for the league this season compared to last year. The first of those games will feature the Miami Dolphins facing off in a Week 4 contest with the Oakland Raiders. The Detroit Lions and Atlanta Falcons and the Cowboys and Jacksonville Jaguars will make up the other two games. The Raiders, Falcons, and Jaguars are the "home" teams for the games.

The idea of a London franchise has been floated over the past couple of years, as well as the idea that the Super Bowl could one day make its way "across the pond." The logistics of an NFL team located in the United Kingdom would need to be worked out, and scheduling issues, especially if a West Coast team were to be traveling to London or London to the West Coast, would have to be considered, but as the league looks to globalize the game, a team in London seems more and more likely.

And, with big time owners like Jones starting to weigh in as in favor of the move, it may simply be a matter of time before it happens.