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Miami Dolphins News You May Have Missed 2/16/14

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Check out the Miami Dolphins stories you may have missed over the past day, including what will happen to Mike Pouncey, who was also bullying Jonathan Martin.

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Agent: Player A in investigation of Miami Dolphins bullying is Andrew McDonald |
An NFL-ordered report found Jonathan Martin faced racist slurs and vicious sexual taunts from three Miami Dolphin teammates.

Armando Salguero: Wells report shows Jim Turner will be fall guy, but makes clear Miami Dolphins job is too big for Joe Philbin - Armando Salguero -
While the Wells report climbs no higher than offensive line coach Jim Turner in assigning some institutional blame for what happened in the fall of 2013, it made one thing very clear: The Miami Dolphins head coaching job is too big for Joe Philbin.

Greg Cote: Official report concludes Miami Dolphins’ Bullygate saga for now, but repercussions are likely to follow - Miami Dolphins -
The official report concludes that the Miami Dolphins’ Bullygate scandal is over, but many repercussions are likely to follow.

Jim Turner's future in Miami in jeopardy - Miami Dolphins Blog - ESPN
The Miami Dolphins have experienced great change this offseason. The team hired a new general manager in Dennis Hickey, a new offensive coordinator in

What's next for key figures in the Dolphins' case? -
The Miami Dolphins learned the results of the Ted Wells report Friday. The report outlined allegations of misconduct in the workplace. What's next for the key players involved?

Schlereth: Don't lose crucial parts of 'the code' in NFL locker rooms - ESPN
Someone should have stopped Richie Incognito before he ran a teammate off. That should be the code players live by, Mark Schlereth writes.


Too much? Will Joe Philbin come clean and answer questions? | Miami Dolphins In Depth
When the Dolphins held their press conference to introduce Dennis Hickey as their new general manager, everyone in the organization who is anyone attended. And that means coach Joe Philbin, who was part of the interview process for GM, was...


Jonathan Martin’s camp to meet with Dolphins at NFL Combine | The Daily Dolphin
While Jonathan Martin's future with the Dolphins is uncertain, his agent said that the Martin camp will be meeting with Dolphins officials at the NFL

What's next for Miami Dolphins' Mike Pouncey? - ESPN
The Ted Wells report pulled the curtain back on the sordid locker room culture of the Miami Dolphins. One of the biggest developments was fellow of


Miami Dolphins News You May Have Missed 2/15/14 - The Phinsider
A collection of Miami Dolphins stories from around the internet over the past 24 hours.Today's articles include the Ted Wells report came out yesterday, Richie Incognito challenges it's credibility, and who will lose their jobs over this report?

Offseason talk: Roster swaps - The Phinsider
Welcome to the offseason, where things slow down and we start having random discussions. That's what happens this morning, with our question, "If you had to swap the Miami Dolphins roster with one other NFL team, which team would it be?"