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Offseason talk: Roster swaps

Welcome to the offseason, where things slow down and we start having random discussions. That's what happens this morning, with our question, "If you had to swap the Miami Dolphins roster with one other NFL team, which team would it be?"

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We are all tired of the Richie Incognito, Jonathan Martin, and Ted Wells talk. It's been nearly four months of bully, harassment, and player misconduct talk. Of course, with the report being released yesterday and fallout from it still to come, we will continue to talk about the situation for the next few days. But, I wanted to take a break from it this morning, and bring you one of our offseason discussion questions.

If you were here last offseason, you may remember some of these, or at least the idea of them. Basically, throughout the offseason, we like to ask you random questions, just to spark some discussion and have a little fun. This morning, we bring you an interesting one.

If you had to swap the entire Miami Dolphins' roster with that of another team, which team would it be and why? The only caveat: it cannot be a playoff team from last season.

Have fun and we are looking forward to seeing your answers.