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Miami Dolphins News You May Have Missed 2/15/14

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Check out the Miami Dolphins stories you may have missed over the past day, including the Ted Wells report came out yesterday.

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Miami's Steve Ross holds all the power, which means he now deserves all the blame - Sun Sentinel
Miami Dolphins owner Steve Ross is still working on finding his lane as an NFL owner. Now that Ross has all the power, he will also receive all the blame.

Statement From Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross On Findings Of Ted Wells Report
Read a statement from Miami Dolphins owner following his review of the Wells Report.


Statement From Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross On Ted Wells Report
Read a statement from the Dolphins owner on the release of the Wells Report

Greg Cote: Official report concludes Miami Dolphins' Bullygate saga for now, but repercussions likely to follow - Miami Dolphins -
One of the saddest locker room sagas and biggest off-field embarrassments in Miami Dolphins history reached a formal conclusion Friday. But whether the "Bullygate" controversy really has ended may be another matter.

Miami Dolphins bullying report released -- Richie Incognito, others responsible for harassment - ESPN
NFL investigator Ted Wells' report on the Miami Dolphins bullying scandal concluded that Richie Incognito, John Jerry and Mike Pouncey engaged in a pattern of harassment directed at not only Jonathan Martin, but another O-lineman and an assistant trainer.

Dave George: NFL’s Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin findings... |
Big changes are coming in NFL locker rooms, though they will never be big enough to suit everyone. That’s what I took out of the league-mandated report on bullying in the Miami Dolphins’ "workplace," which was released Friday morning after months of careful consideration, otherwise known in the attorney game as "billable hours.

Richie Incognito's camp challenges credibility of the Ted Wells report - Sun Sentinel
Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito , who is main focus of the Jonathan Martin 's workplace claims that forced him to lead the team at midseason, challenged the credibility of the Ted Wells report, which came out on Friday.

Ted Wells report: 10 key findings in Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin case - Sun Sentinel
A breakdown of the key points of Ted Wells' report

NFL report: Incognito, other linemen harassed Martin |
The NFL this morning released its report on the investigation of the Dolphins’ locker-room culture.

Ted Wells report finds Martin was harassed by Incognito, Pouncey, Jerry (read here) | The Daily Dolphin
To read the full report visit The report finds that Martin was the victim of bullying and that he contemplated suicide twice in 2013.

Dolphins commence process of creating trade value for Jonathan Martin | ProFootballTalk
From the moment the Dolphins swung open the doors to their locker room and allowed multiple players to speak out in defense of suspended guard Richie Incognito in November, it was clear that tackle Jonathan Martin would not be able to return to the team as then constituted.

Summary of Ted Wells report on Miami Dolphins -
Ted Wells' report on the Miami Dolphins, Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito was released Friday. Here is a summary of the revelations from the report.


Wells report reflects poorly on Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin -
Richie Incognito, John Jerry and Mike Pouncey repeatedly harassed Jonathan Martin, according to Ted Wells' report, but Judy Battista says this offensive ordeal leads straight to Joe Philbin's door.

Is Philbin’s job too big for him? | ProFootballTalk
For high-level executives whose subordinates engage in misconduct, the most common defense is to claim a lack of knowledge, even if the persistent claims of "I didn't know" make the executive look like Quincy Magoo. After all, it's better to be perceived as Mr. Magoo than Richard Nixon.


Walker's Fab 40: Nos. 9-12 - Miami Dolphins Blog - ESPN
We continue our rankings of the top 40 players on the Miami Dolphins. Next up, we take a look at Nos. 9-12. No. 12: Dannell Ellerbe Position: Lineb


Ted Wells’ report puts Miami Dolphins offensive line coach Jim Turner’s status in jeopardy - Miami Dolphins -
Dolphins offensive line coach Jim Turner is in serious jeopardy of dismissal, and subject to potential NFL discipline, after the investigator into the team’s locker room scandal determined that Turner was not forthright during his interview, participated in the taunting of a Dolphins player and repeatedly urged Jonathan Martin to make a comment defending Richie Incognito after Martin left the team.

Will Dolphins’ Mike Pouncey face a suspension from Wells report? | The Daily Dolphin
Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin are the big names in the Ted Wells report. But the most important question for the Dolphins is whether center Mike


Miami Dolphins News You May Have Missed 2/14/14 - The Phinsider
A collection of Miami Dolphins stories from around the internet over the past 24 hours.Today's articles include Jonathan Martin could return to Miami, quarterback breakdown, and Brent Grimes should be Dolphins biggest priority.

Could Jonathan Martin return to Dolphins in 2014? - The Phinsider
The end of the saga surrounding the Miami Dolphins, Jonathan Martin, Richie Incognito, and reports of bullying in the locker room should come to a close soon when the NFL receives the Ted Wells report. Could Jonathan Martin return to the team?

Ted Wells report on Dolphins bullying Jonathan Martin released - The Phinsider
The Ted Wells report has been released. In 142 pages, the report details how multiple Miami Dolphins players harassed Jonathan Martin, an unnamed player, and an Assistant Coach.

Ted Wells report indicates Dolphins days done for Martin and Incognito; Jim Turner too? - The Phinsider
The Ted Wells report clearly states Miami Dolphins offensive linemen Richie Incognito, John Jerry, and Mike Pouncey harassed tackle Jonathan Martin during his time with the team.

Jonathan Martin ready for NFL return - The Phinsider
Earlier today, the Ted Wells report on Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito was released. According to Martin's agent today stated that Martin is ready to return to the NFL.

Lawyer for Richie Incognito releases statement on Wells report - The Phinsider
Richie Incognito's lawyer, Mark Schamel, has released a statement on the findings of the Ted Wells report. The report investigated allegations of harassment by Incognito toward Miami Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin.