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NFL Free Agency 2014: NFC South soon-to-be free agents

The 2013 NFL regular season is complete. Over the next couple of weeks, we will build our Phinsider free agency tracker, one division at a time. We continue today with the NFC South.

Stacy Revere

The NFL's 2013 season is officially over, but the news, rumors, and preparation never stops as the teams all get ready for 2014.. As we work our way through the Miami Dolphins' offseason, the first major event for the NFL will be the start of free agency in March.

This year, we are going to build a tracker of every available free agent, looking at each division before putting the full list together. So far, we've completed the AFC North, South, and West, as well as the NFC East and North. Today, we turn our attention to the NFC South.

(Note on the table: if you click on the column title, it will sort by that column.)

Last Name First Name Position Type 2013 Team 2014 Team
Adams Kyle TE RFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Adams Michael CB UFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Anderson Derek QB UFA Carolina Panthers
Babineaux Jonathan DT UFA Atlanta Falcons
Bell Byron T RFA Carolina Panthers
Brockel Richie TE RFA Carolina Panthers
Brown Charles T UFA New Orleans Saints
Bush Rafael S RFA New Orleans Saints
Byers Jeff C ERFA Carolina Panthers
Byham Nate TE UFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Campbell Bruce T UFA Carolina Panthers
Carr Chris CB UFA New Orleans Saints
Carr Deveron CB ERFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Casillas Jonathan LB UFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Clausen Jimmy QB UFA Carolina Panthers
Coffman Chase TE UFA Atlanta Falcons
Cole Colin DT UFA Carolina Panthers
Collins Jed FB RFA New Orleans Saints
Cone Kevin WR ERFA Atlanta Falcons
Connor Dan LB UFA Carolina Panthers
Cultera Jacob LB UFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Dawson Keyunta LB UFA New Orleans Saints
De la Puente Brian C UFA New Orleans Saints
Dockery James CB RFA Carolina Panthers
Economos Andrew LS UFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Florence Drayton CB UFA Carolina Panthers
Franks Dominique CB UFA Atlanta Falcons
Gaither Omar LB UFA Atlanta Falcons
Gano Graham K UFA Carolina Panthers
Gibson Gary DT UFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Ginn Ted WR UFA Carolina Panthers
Gorrer Danny Cb UFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Graham Jimmy TE UFA New Orleans Saints
Graham Shayne K UFA New Orleans Saints
Greer Jabari CB UFA New Orleans Saints
Gross Jordan T UFA Carolina Panthers
Haralson Jonathan LB UFA New Orleans Saints
Hardy Greg DE UFA Carolina Panthers
Harper Roman S UFA New Orleans Saints
Harris Bryce T ERFA New Orleans Saints
Hartsock Ben TE UFA Carolina Panthers
Hawley Joe C UFA Atlanta Falcons
Hayward Adam LB UFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Herring Will LB UFA New Orleans Saints
Hixon Domenik WR UFA Carolina Panthers
Humber Ramon LB UFA New Orleans Saints
Jenkins Malcolm S UFA New Orleans Saints
Jerry Peria DT UFA Atlanta Falcons
Johnson Mike T UFA Atlanta Falcons
Johnson Tom DE RFA New Orleans Saints
LaFell Brandon WR UFA Carolina Panthers
Larsen Spencer FB UFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Larsen Ted C UFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Leonard Brian RB UFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Lindell Rian K UFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Locklear Sean G UFA Atlanta Falcons
Lorig Erik FB UFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
McClain Robert CB RFA Atlanta Falcons
McCown Luke QB UFA New Orleans Saints
Meachem Robert WR UFA New Orleans Saints
Meredith Jamon T UFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Mikell Quintin S UFA Carolina Panthers
Mitchell Mike S UFA Carolina Panthers
Morgan Joe WR RFA New Orleans Saints
Munnerlyn Captain CB UFA Carolina Panthers
Orlovsky Dan QB UFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Page Eric WR ERFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Peters Corey DT UFA Atlanta Falcons
Rainey Bobby RB ERFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Scott Chris G UFA Carolina Panthers
Senn Jordan LB UFA Carolina Panthers
Smith Will DE UFA New Orleans Saints
Strief Zack T UFA New Orleans Saints
Te'o-Nesheim Daniel DE UFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Toone Tim WR ERFA New Orleans Saints
Trueblood Jeremy T UFA Atlanta Falcons
Tynes Lawrence K UFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Underwood Tiquan WR UFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Vilma Jonathan LB UFA New Orleans Saints
Wade Trevin CB ERFA New Orleans Saints
Watson Dekoda LB UFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Wharton Travelle G UFA Carolina Panthers
Williams Garry T UFA Carolina Panthers
Williams Jason LB UFA Carolina Panthers