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2014 NFL Mock Draft: Post your FanSpeak mock results here

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By now, you've probably seen people on the site posting the results of their FanSpeak mock drafts, simulating all seven rounds of the 2014 NFL Draft. Now, we collect the results in one place.


Over the past few days, a lot of people, myself included, have become addicted to the 2014 Mock Draft Simulator from FanSpeak. It's a quick, easy, and fun way to simulate the NFL Draft, with the capability to pick one team and conduct one to seven rounds of picks.

Now, we want to see your results. Rather than random comments in multiple threads, I thought making one catch-all post would be a better method. So, click the link above, run a simulation, and let us see your results below. Feel free to disucss why you picked the people you did, who was on the board, or critique other posts. Let's see who the Miami Dolphins can land, according to our simulations - and a lot of help from