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Strikes & Gutters: Week 14 Fantasy Football Advice


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The NFL regular season still has a month of games left on the slate, but when you really boil it down, these are all play-off games. It's definitely do or die time in the Fantasy realm. For most, their fates hang in the balance of this week's results. To those of you who are still alive, I commend you. This has been one of the most puzzling and frustrating years to date (for me at least). I will say that my advice column has done pretty well. Keeping in line with my 70% track record hasn't been easy, and the ups and downs are definitely there, which is basically what fantasy football and the theme of this advice blog are all about. Last week saw lots and lots of scoring. Like record breaking scoring. Like the most 25 plus point games in standard leagues since 1967 type of scoring. 3 of my 5 Strike predictions had good performances that you could certainly live with. The Herron call was the highlight for sure. Dalton and Tannehill didn't play well for various reasons. Dalton was very sick and the Jets resorted to keep away on Monday night. But I am not one for excuses! 3 out of 5. The gutters were the same, Cutler was terrible, Randle was invisible and the only noise Britt made was in pre-game intros. I have no strong feelings on the Ferguson situation given that I don't know what actually happened but I do know this; if Kenny Britt wants to show that he cares about the community, maybe he should stop driving drunk through it at 100 mph in his Porsche.

Matt Ryan played well and I was very glad to see Lamar Miller continue to produce when he has the ball. The TD definitely helped if you went against my advice. 3 out of 5 again for a grand total of 60%.

I know Pete, but that's Mr. Radio to you.



Tre Mason: I've written about how much I like this guy before. This week he gets the Redskins. I have both heard and seen it written that Redskins have a good run defense. To those people, I say this: Do you even watch Football? Dan Herron crushed them, what do you think Mason will do?

Odell Beckham Jr.: Another dominant rookie that I love this week. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for 6TDs on the Titan defense last week. They appear to have quit on the season. Speaking of quitting, the Giants lost to Jacksonville last week. This game should show us who quits harder.

Russell Wilson: I alluded to the play-offs beginning this week, and right now, Wilson and Seahawks are jockeying for position in the NFC which is very crowded at the top. I think he has a very solid game on the Ground as well as through the air. He feels like a safe play to me this week.

Frank Gore: I know the 49ers are very difficult to trust at this point, but hear me out. Oakland Raiders...

Courtesy Dolphin Start of the Week, Juice Landry: The Ravens secondary is pourous, but their pass rush is still very strong. We know the Dolphins enjoy the quick short passing game, and Landry has flourished in that this year. PPR Must start for sure. This is a game we have to have, and I think Landry shines through for us this week.


Colt McCoy: The king of garbage time, shouldn't have nearly the numbers he did last week. The Rams defense is strong, and their pass rush is back to being as scary as everyone thought it was. Even if this game gets out of hand, I don't see Colt finding much success at home against the Rams.

Jeremy Hill: While the Steelers Defense isn't nearly the imposing force it used to be, I don't trust that Hill has a good game here. He's splitting carries with Gio Bernard and he mouthed off about the play calling, Never a wise move for a rookie.

Any Tampa Bay Buccaneer: Their offense is going struggle mightily on the road versus the best Defense in the NFL on Sunday. I know Mike Evans has looked decent, but he's really the only one I'd have in my line-up. Take a look at this shot of the offensive line from last week:

It's LITERALLY a dumpster fire.

Sammy Watkins: I love the talent but hate the matchup. Plus orton hasn't looked his way nearly enough lately for my taste. Low-end flex play at best.

Courtesy Dolphin Sit of the Week, Charles Clay: Big play Clay is one of my favorite Dolphins, but the man is simply not himself this year. Injuries have mounted and he may not even go again this week. Sims has proved to be a viable back up and great compliment at TE. I hope Clay is able to go on Sunday and prove me wrong, but i wouldn't trust it.

We are through the looking glass people. This has been a very entertaining season of NFL football. My fantasy teams are all a mess, but the Dolphins are keeping me glued to the TV on game days. Now that the stakes have been raised, i can't wait to see how the rest of the year plays out. Last year, they folded like a house of cards. I truly believe the foundation is much stronger this season and Sunday will provide an excellent test for this theory. if you have any specific fantasy questions please leave them in the comment section and I will try to get them as quickly as possible. Thanks for sticking around, let's see if we can't get you through your league's play-offs unscathed and victorious!

Well, dude, sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you...