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Dolphins at Jets: Miami Stock Watch following 16-13 win

The Miami Dolphins came away from MetLife Stadium with an ugly 16-13 win over the New York Jets on Monday night. Who saw their stock rise and whose fell from the game?

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Stock Up: Dion Sims, tight end - Over the last couple of weeks, with Charles Clay sidelined due to injury, Sims has stepped up and shown he can be a factor in the Miami offense. He was targeted four times during the game, and came away with receptions on each of those, totaling 58 yards - a 14.5 yards per receptions average. According to Pro Football Focus, quarterback Ryan Tannehill had seven completions of over 10 yards on Monday night, and three of them were to Sims. Whenever Clay is ready to resume his role as the starting tight end, the Dolphins may have to find a way to keep Sims involved in the game plan as well.

Stock Down: Dolphins rush defense - Last week, the entire Dolphins defense saw their stock rating fall as the Denver Broncos pulled them apart. This week, we will be a little more specific as the run defense was non-existent on Monday night. Remember when teams did not try to run on the Dolphins? That seems like so long ago now, doesn't it? The Jets ran for 277 yards on Miami, and the team could not stop them. (Fun fact: When a team allows 275+ rushing yards, they lose 95-percent of the time. The Dolphins are in that 5-percent who win. - Source: ESPN Radio (Mike and Mike, I think)) The Broncos and the Jets have completely exposed Miami's run defense over the past two weeks. They have to fix it this week if they want to stay in the playoff chase.

Stock Up: Dion Jordan, defensive end - Sure, it was one play, but it was great to see Jordan have an impact somewhere on the field. In the third quarter, Jordan burst through the line on a punt and got his hand on the kick. Officially, it's listed as a six-yard punt, since the ball when past the line of scrimmage, but Jordan made an impact on the play, and while it may only be a small tick up for the 2013 third-overall draft-pick, it was something.

Stock Down: Mike Wallace, wide receiver - TWO HANDS! USE TWO HANDS!! Really, Wallace's stats are not that bad, with six receptions for a game high 69 yards. He should have more yards and a touchdown, if he had decided to use two hands. After the game, Wallace admitted that he messed up on the third-quarter play, "I just misjudged it," he told reporters, saying he thought it was not a pass that could have been caught, and put up his hand just to knock it down before he realized it was thrown exactly where it needed to be and he took points off the board. It's probably not right to put Wallace in the stock down category off that one play, but, for how long we have all been wanting the long ball to work, the one time Tannehill places it perfectly to Wallace, with a sure touchdown in the making, Wallace only puts up one hand and knocks it down.

Stock Up: Cameron Wake, defensive end - The Dolphins struggled against the run, but they were ready to go on the 15 passing plays the Jets ran Monday. Wake highlighted that, recording a sack, as well as three hurries and a hit. along with three tackles, one for a loss. Wake now has 9.5 sacks on the year, 10th most in the league.

Stock Down: Caleb Sturgis, kicker - It was an odd night at MetLife Stadium, where one minute it seemed to be really windy, and the next it was calm, plus there was rain early in the game. Weather was absolutely a factor, and both kickers missed field goals during the game, telling you something was going on. Even on the squib kick that went out of bounds, it looked like Sturgis was doing exactly the right thing, only to have bad luck skip the ball out of bounds. At some point, the "bad luck" though becomes a part of the kicker, and not just bad moments. People will stick on those two mistakes, ignoring the 43-, 44-, and 26-yard field goals, the last of which was the game winner with just under two minutes remaining in the game, which is wrong. Those mistakes, however, are really starting to pile up over the span of this season.

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