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What's The Big Deal?

Everyone is all up in arms about yesterday's performance..

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Let's be honest; what happened on Sunday in Miami was very far from the worst part of this season. I have been on record as 'Mr. Positivity' for most of this season, and I'm going to keep that trend up now. If you really think about it, losing on Sunday wasn't the end of the world. Ryan Tannehill and Lamar Miller achieved some nice individual goals and look like legitimate building blocks for this team moving forward. The performances of the defense and special teams solidifies the fact that we need major changes in leadership, personnel and philosophy. Thanks to their performances yesterday, we have almost certainly seen the last of Kevin Coyle, Darren Rizzi, Caleb Sturgis,  & Phillip Wheeler. The Special Teams were pretty amazing at blocking kicks this season, but if I never see another fake punt catch us with our pants down it will be too soon. Losing also ensured a top 15 pick AND a third place schedule next year. The Only real negative I can take is the Mike Wallace situation, but it seems as though the parties involved are willing to put the situation behind them. Even though the record didn't show it, I feel like this team was light years ahead of last years team in most areas. Bad luck, injuries and a defense that fell apart ultimately did us in, but I think things are moving in the right direction. If Hickey has another off-season like he did last year and guys we get can stay healthy, I think we'll be contending for the division and possibly the conference. I think fixing the defense given the talent in place is way easier than finding a Franchise QB and/or COMPLETELY re-building.