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Mike Wallace situation at boiling point?

It appears the Miami Dolphins and Mike Wallace could be headed toward a very ugly situation.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins lost to the New York Jets this afternoon in a game in which the defense disappeared again in the second half. That was not the only missing piece for Miami in the second half, however. Wide receiver Mike Wallace spent the second half sitting alone on the bench.

From various sources, it appears Wallace and a coach had an argument either near the end of the first half or during halftime. Wallace was then benched for the second half of the game. During the post-game interviews, Wallace stood with fellow wide receiver Brandon Gibson next to him, and refused to answer questions. Instead, Gibson answered for Wallace.

Gibson said he was just trying to protect Wallace from saying anything he would later regret. It does, however, signal there is a feud preparing to boil between Wallace and the Dolphins.

During the game, Wallace was only targeted one time, recording no receptions. He did not appear to be giving his full 100-percent during some plays during the game, which could have been a part of the coaches descision to bench him.

There was also some sort of confrontation between Wallace and quarterback Ryan Tannehill, though it is not clear exactly what happened. Asked if the situation would lead to any issue between the two in the future, Tannehill replied that he did not think it would, but did not explain what it was, or give anything more than that as an answer.

The Dolphins head into the offseason after a  disappointing loss to the Jets to cap a disappointing season that ends with an 8-8 record. How long drama with Wallace, who is scheduled to make $12.1 million next year, lingers will have to be seen.

[UPDATE:] Wallace was not benched, but quit according to a report.