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NFL Power Rankings Week 17: Dolphins power rankings round-up

We went around the web to find you the Week 17 Power Rankings for the Miami Dolphins.

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Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins came from behind in the fourth quarter against the Minnesota Vikings to win the game on a blocked punt for  safety. With the Dolphins eliminated from the playoffs, they will enter this weekend's season finale against the New York Jets playing to (1) beat their division rivals and (2) finish the season with a winning record for the first time since 2008.

Before we get to the games this upcoming weekend, though, it's time to take a look around the internet at some of the major power rankings being published today, and get an idea of where the Dolphins are landing.

Average Ranking 15.875 (8 rankings)
Average Change +1.125
Highest Ranking 13th (Fox Sports)
Lowest Ranking 18th (USA Today and CBS Sports - Pete Prisco)
Biggest Change +4 (Fox Sports)
Smallest Change NC (USA Today, CBS Sports - Pat Kirwan, CBS Sports - Pete Prisco,, ESPN)

Here are the rankings:

SB Nation: 15th (Last week: 16th)

No team-specific remarks

Fox Sports: 13th (Last week: 17th)

Despite missing the playoffs again, Joe Philbin will be back as head coach next season. It's difficult to argue that the ownership is not at the root of the organization's recent failures.

USA Today: 18th (Last week: 18th)

Beat the Jets on Sunday, and Joe Philbin improves to 24-24. And that's good enough to keep his job for the 2015 season.

Yahoo! Shutdown Corner: 15th (Last week: 16th)

With so many young quarterbacks struggling, I'm not sure why more hasn't been made of Ryan Tannehill's nice step forward this season.

Pat Kirwan, CBS Sports: 16th (Last week: 19th)

The Dolphins did the right thing retaining Joe Philbin as the head coach for next season (they should give him at least a one-year contract extension) and the team is moving in the right direction. Ryan Tannehill threw four touchdown passes last week. He was the first QB to do it since Dan Marino.

Pete Prisco, CBS Sports: 18th (Last week: 18th)

Joe Philbin coming back was the right thing to do to keep continuity for Ryan Tannehill. They could finish 9-7, which is progress -- just not enough. 16th (Last week: 16th)

Spoke with Chris Perkins, who covers the Dolphins for the Sun-Sentinel, in the pregame on Sunday. He affirmed that the energy around the stadium made it feel like a game between two teams that weren't playing for much. Those fans who actually got into it, though, were treated to a wild game that included a 41-point fourth quarter and that rarest of all rarities -- an outcome decided by a safety. Actually, the Dolphins won a game on a safety last season, as well. Let's see if Joe Philbin's group can avoid going 8-8 for the second straight season.

ESPN: 16th (Last week: 16th)

Just when you think you're out, he drags you back in. Ryan Tannehill set career highs in completions, yards and touchdowns against four or fewer rushers in Sunday's win.

Lots of Ryan Tannehill and Joe Philbin talk this week, but not a lot of movement from beating the Minnesota Vikings. Can a win over the Jets push Miami up the rankings as the season ends this weekend?