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Will I get the Vikings at Dolphins game in Week 16?

A quick look at the television coverage map for Fox games in Week 16.

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Fox Week 16 506Sports

Will you be able to watch the Minnesota Vikings at Miami Dolphins Week 16 showdown on your local broadcast Sunday?

The first point to remember for this week's game is that it is a Fox game, not a CBS contest. Since the Vikings are an NFC team, and the broadcast is based on the visiting team, Fox picks up this game. Kickoff will happen in the 1pm ET slot, and you can see the Vikings/Dolphins contest in the map above, via, with the game represented by the areas in green.

Basically, unless you live in the Miami/West Palm Beach area of Florida, of the Minnesota/North and South Dakota region, you are not getting the game locally. Except for a random broadcast in the Louisville market as well.

Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, and Tony Siragusa will be calling the Vikings at Dolphins game.

The rest of the Florida peninsula will get the Green Bay Packers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers game on Fox, while the panhandle, from Jacksonville all the way across to the border will see the Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints.

CBS has the doubleheader this week, meaning the Miami area will not get an early game, so there will not be a contest going head-to-head with the Dolphins game. Tampa will have the same issue, as they won't get a game against the Buccaneers. Fort Myers and West Palm Beach will see the New England Patriots at New York Jets contest, while the rest of the state, from Orlando north, will see the Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers.

The CBS late game for all of Florida - and nearly the entire country -  will be the Indianapolis Colts at Dallas Cowboys.

We will have a full breakdown of everything you need to know to watch, listen to, or stream the Dolphins game tomorrow.