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Joe Philbin, Ryan Tannehill and Miko Grimes???

On Monday, Dolphins CB Brent Grimes' wife went on a local radio station to talk football. Her comments on Ryan Tannehill later turned in to a small fire storm.

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Following yet another heartbreaking loss for the team this past Sunday, the wife of Miami Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes, Miko Grimes, on Monday went on a local Miami radio station, 560 WQAM, to talk some football. She joins radio talk show host Orlando Alzugaray every week following the Dolphins game to talk about the game.

On this particular week Orlando asked about both Joe Philbin and Ryan Tannehill or as he put it "Number 17." Orlando does not appear to be a big fan of either (I know a bit of an understatement). Miko on the other hand seemed to defend head coach Joe Philbin. Miko claimed to have taken a "small poll" and that there was not one player that wanted Philbin fired. She later went on to say that the players should have the final say as to who is the head coach. This of course is never how it works in the NFL or really any other business, EVER!

After talking a bit about Joe Philbin the questioning turned to Ryan Tannehill. Earlier in the interview she had stated "Ryan Tannehill is not really getting balls where they need to go" and "Somebody needs to make a decision on what we are going to do". When asked about "Number 17," and if the players believed he was the man to lead them and take them to a Superbowl, she responded with some nervous laughter before adding, "That's a tough question there". After being prodded a bit she then went on to say, "There are some that are on one side and a lot that are on the other side."

Her basically claiming that the locker-room is divided as to support for their starting quarterback became an issue a couple of days later when it exploded on Twitter, with her becoming quite defensive, to say the least. Not to say that every Dolphins fan addressing it with her showed the utmost level of tact. She of course claims, as part of her intro to her radio appearances, that she can say what she wishes because she does not receive a check from the NFL. I would assume as the wife of an NFL player, she has a fairly comfortable life paid for with some of those NFL checks that her husband receives.

The bigger question that comes out of this of course is whether or not it's acceptable for a player's wife to publicly discuss issues within the team, and more specifically, call out or claim that there is a divide within the team surrounding any one coach or player. Of course, as she claims, she does have the "right" to do and say as she pleases. That does not mean that those words could not have negative repercussions towards her husband or even within the team. I for one fail to see how this serves anyone's interest outside of her own, but it does leave us with some big questions.

Is this the sort of issue that can potentially cause a fracture within the team? Even if Joe Philbin is long gone next season the core of this team is sure to return. Is this sort of thing being thrown around in public, healthy for the sorts of relationships that need to be fostered within a team setting? Further is there a real fracture at present within the team as to support of their offensive leader? I believe that the organization, as well as I can tell, supports him, as do the majority of fan. Either way this sort of thing has to be concerning.

What are you thoughts on this? Do you believe her when she says that the team is divided on support of their quarterback? Do you think its acceptable for any spouse to go out and publicly speak of and share information that they only acquired because of their relationship? Do you think this will cause issues within the team? Do you think this will cause an issue with the team for Brent Grimes?