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Miami Dolphins 2015 schedule: Opponents taking shape

The Miami Dolphins' 2015 slate of opponents is nearly finalized.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins' 2015 schedule will not be released until the spring, but their slate of opponents can already be determined. The NFL schedules games based on division. The 2015 schedule for the AFC East will feature the AFC South and the NFC East. Every team in the AFC East will play each of those teams, taking eight slots on the schedule. When you add in the home-and-home series every year for the division rivalries, 14 of every team's 16 games are already decided.

The final two positions are then determined by matching each team with the team from the two remaining divisions within their convference (in Miami's AFC East case, that would be the AFC North and the AFC West in 2015) that finishes in the same position (i.e., the first place team in the AFC East plays the first place team from those two divisions, second place against the second place teams, etc.).

The Dolphins are currently in third place in the division, meaning they are aligned with the third place teams from the AFC North and West. Miami can finish as high as second place, and the teams in those other two divisions could also still change. Below, you will see the Dolphins' 2015 schedule as it currently stands.

Dolphins 2015 opponents through
2014 Wk 15
Home Away
Tiny Logo
New England Patriots
Tiny Logo
@ New England Patriots
Tiny Logo
New York Jets
Week 4 in London
Tiny Logo
@ New York Jets
BUF Tiny
Buffalo Bills
BUF Tiny
@Buffalo Bills
Tiny Logo
Houston Texans
Tiny Logo
@ Jacksonville Jaguars
Tiny Logo
Indianapolis Colts
Tiny Logo
@ Tennessee Titans
DAL Tiny
Dallas Cowboys
Tiny Logo - Correct Eagles
@ Philadelphia Eagles
Tiny Logo
New York Giants
Tiny Logo
@ Washington Redskins
BAL Tiny
Baltimore Ravens *
AFC North 3rd Place
Tiny Logo
@ San Diego Chargers *
AFC West 3rd Place
*Opponents determined by final positions in each division. Miami is currently third in the AFC East, but could end the season in second. From the AFC North, all four teams could finish the season in the same divisional spot as the Dolphins finish in the AFC East. The AFC West opponent will either be San Diego or Kansas City.

Miami will not get a lot of breaks with their 2015 schedule, playing several teams that are already locked into the playoffs or are in contention for a wildcard berth. They do pick up the Colts, Cowboys, and Ravens at home, but have to face the Chargers and Eagles on the road.

The Dolphins will also have a chance to beat the Texans for the first time in franchise history. Since the Texans entered the league in 2002, Miami is 0-7 all time in head-to-head matchups, last losing in Week 1 of the 2012 season buy a 30-10 score in Houston. The 2015 game will be played in Miami.