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Just a quick gentle reminder!

Just a quick gentle reminder!

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Here we are again, closing in on the end of another Miami Dolphins season and not really where any of us want to be. If you are a fan and still here knowing that the team has little to no shot at making the playoffs then you are most likely a die hard fan. Some of those fans think we are headed in the right direction and some do not. Some want to keep the coach while most do not. Some want this guy, others want that.

It all makes for great debates but please remember that everyone has an opinion. No one opinion is more important than yours even if you feel like the lone guy/gal with that particular idea. I have noticed as things go a bit more south for the team so goes some of the discussions on the site. I know everyone is frustrated but lets please remember the site rules and to always comments and respond to others comments and posts in a respectful manner. If you have never seen or read the site rules please take a few and do so. I will link it HERE! Also as always if you think of something that should be added to that post email me any time.

As ALWAYS if you see something that you believe is in violation of the site rules please flag it ASAP and if things are really out of hand email me or Kevin so that we can address it. Our only goal is to make the site welcoming for everyone and there is no place for certain behaviors or personal attacks.

Alright, if you got to this point, thank you for reading my little rant. Now back to discussing how we are going to right this ship known as our beloved Miami Dolphins!