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NFL Odds: Will Joe Philbin be the Dolphins head coach in 2015 Week 1? released a series of new odds this week, with the question "Will Joe Philbin be the head Coach of the Dolphins for Game 1 of the 2015 Regular Season?" included.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

It is a turbulent time for the Miami Dolphins and their fans. The 2014 season is still three weeks away from ending. The Dolphins need two wins in three games to claim their first winning season since 2008, and two of those three games are against opponents who are currently below .500 on the year. Miami could still make the playoffs, especially if they are able to run the table over the next three weeks and get a couple of breaks to fall their way.

There is a lot of football remaining, and a lot meaningful football at that.

The Dolphins are not throwing in the towel, and neither should fans. It is frustrating to watch the team play well one week, then fall apart the next. It is frustrating to know the NFL Playoffs are there, within the franchise’s grasp, only to watch them fall short again.

And it is a frustration that has some fans ready to see head coach Joe Philbin fired. While it is probably too early for that, especially if you want to see how the team plays over the next few contests, it is still a possibility. If Miami cannot win at least two of these next three games, they may be looking for a new coaching staff in 2015.

How likely is that to happen? recently released an updated set of odds for several things around the NFL. The Super Bowl odds have the Green Bay Packers at the top (13/4) and the New England Patriots, Miami’s opponent this weekend, second at 7/2 (Miami is 17th at 125/1). There are odds to win the conference (Miami is 50/1), and some others.

There is also one with the prop bet of "Will Joe Philbin be the head Coach of the Dolphins for Game 1 of the 2015 Regular Season?" Currently, the "Yes" option is going at 2/1 or +200 (if you bet $100, you would win $200). The "No" answer is 1/3 or -300 (if you bet $300, you would win $100).

Obviously, odds makers seem to believe Joe Philbin is gone at the end of this year for Miami. Do you agree? Would you lay down a bet on him being back?