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Dolphins @ Jets halftime report: Jets lead Dolphins 10 to 3 at half

The Miami Dolphins and New York Jets have reached halftime. We take a look back at the first 30 minutes, and open the thread to chat about all of the second half action.

Elsa/Getty Images

Miami began the game on defense allowing a couple of quick Jets first downs before forcing New York to punt the ball to the Dolphins, down to their own 13 yard line. After a catch by Mike Wallace for 8 yards and a run for no yards by Lamar Miller the Dolphins were forced to punt when Tannehill was forced to throw the ball away. On the ensuing drive the Jets marched right down the field and scored a touchdown when Greg Salas rushed to the left for 20 yards giving the Jets a 7 to 0 lead.

On Miami's drive following the Jets score the Dolphins managed to drive down to the Jets 25 yard line only to have Caleb Sturgis miss the 43 yard field goal. After turning the ball over to the Jets the Jets drove down the field, gashing Miami on several runs but finally stalled at the 23 yard line, forcing New York to kick the field goal for the 10 to 0 lead. Miami once again took over in their end at the 23 after a 21 yard return by Jarvis Landry. Miami was once again forced to punt but this time from deep in their end after a 3 and out.

Following a penalty on the punt the Jets were forced to start at their own 6. The Jets managed to wiggle out of the hole in short order. After driving down to the Dolphins 30 on a diet of almost all runs the Dolphins managed to stop the Jets on a Geno Smith incomplete pass. In a rare stroke of luck for the Dolphins to this point the Jets missed the attempted Nick Folk 48 yard field goal keeping the score at 10 to 0 and giving the ball back to Miami at their own 38. The Dolphins finally put together another decent drive but after the offensive line allows another Tannehill sack the Dolphins stall again and are forced to attempt the field goal with Sturgis finally coverts giving the Dolphins their first points of the game.

At the half the Jets have already gained 210 yards on the ground and 232 total to a total of 125 yards for the Dolphins. The Dolphins go in to the locker-room down 10 to 3 in what securely could have been worse given the deficit in total yards gained in the half.