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Will I get the Dolphins at Lions game in Week 10?

A quick look at the television coverage map for Week 10.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

506 CBS Week 10

Will you get the Miami Dolphins at Detroit Lions game on your local CBS affiliate this week? Maybe.

The Dolphins and Lions have the top spot in the CBS early game slot, but there are a lot of competing games this week. In the map above, the game is represented in red, meaning most of the area south of Atlanta and west through Texas will get the game, as will most of Arizona, nearly all of Washington, parts of Oregon and Idaho, and most of the Detroit/Chicago/Green Bay/Minnesota - NFC North region. There are, of course, pockets that are exempted from this list, including Jacksonville and Tampa in Florida (no early CBS game).

No pictured in the map, but Hawaii and Alaska are both scheduled to get the game on local CBS channels as well.

If you are outside the red area, NFL Sunday Ticket (which can be streamed online with a subscription) will have the game. Or, you can head to a sports bar.

For the second straight week, providing commentary for the game will be Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts.

Florida will be split among multiple early games on the Fox affiliates, with Miami, West Palm Beach, and the Mobile, AL markets getting the San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints game, the Fort Myers, Tampa, Orlando, Tallahassee, and Pensacola markets airing the Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers contest, and the Jacksonville market showing the Dallas Cowboys versus Jacksonville Jaguars game from London.

The late game double header coverage will be on Fox this week, with the entire country outside of most of Arizona and the St. Louis markets seeing the New York Giants at Seattle Seahawks game. Those other two areas will see the St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals contest.

We will bring you everything you need to know about the Dolphins game this week, to include the odds, injuries, and more, later this week.