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NFL Week 13 late games live chat

A live thread to discuss all the action around the NFL during the late Sunday games.

Al Bello/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins hit the field on Monday night this week, meaning we have all of the Sunday games to sit back and enjoy. We've completed the early games, with just two late games on the schedule for Week 13. Use this thread as your live chat for all of the action from either of those games.

Today's slate of games at the 4:05/4:25pm ET slot are:

CBS (National Double Header)

New England Patriots at Green Bay Packers (4:25)

Fox (Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, San Diego, Houston, St. Louis, Atlanta, Nashville, Savannah, Tallahassee, Tampa, Buffalo, Baltimore)

Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons (4:05)

You can check out the exact map for the late games at

As with our Dolphins live threads, do not post links to illegal online streams, and do not ask for others to post them. Enjoy the games and get ready for tomorrow night's Dolphins at New York Jets game!