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Joe Philbin's post-game speech is perfect

The Miami Dolphins demolished the San Diego Chargers on Sunday. The post-game speech from Joe Philbin was exactly what it should have been.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin is often criticized for being too calm. We've seen him use notecards during post-game speeches, making sure he hit everything he wanted to say, and he's never too high or too low. When the Dolphins aren't playing well, fans want to see him fiery and getting into the players. When the Dolphins win a big game, they want him to celebrate it like it's a big game.

That's just never been Joe Philbin. That does not mean the players have not seen it. Maybe he does get fired up behind closed doors. He's just never been that way in front of cameras. And, that's okay. It's more important that Philbin be himself with his players, rather than trying to be someone he is not.

Watching the post-game speech from Coach Philbin after the Dolphins' 37-0 win over the San Diego Chargers yesterday, you can see those emotions are there. Philbin is fired up, even it it is not in the over-the-top way fans might like.

The speech ends with even more emotion. Coach Philbin's father passed away Friday night. Philbin missed the last two days of practice last week to be with his family, returning to the Dolphins on Saturday and coaching them through Sunday's win. Now, with the game ball in hand, Philbin will spend some more time with his family this week, trusting the Dolphins players and assistant coaches to get ready for next weekend's game against the Detroit Lions.

Some things are more important than football, and Philbin should be with his family as they mourn the passing of his father. Happily, the Dolphins send him back home off their best win of the season - and the post-game speech was exactly what it needed to be.