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Dolphins vs Jets: Philbin Thanksgiving press conference

Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin met with the media yesterday ahead of Monday night's game against the New York Jets,

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

(On what he is having for dinner) - "I'm hoping turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing. After that, I don't really care, but those four things you have to have (and) gravy too, of course."

(On if the red zone success last week is a repeatable formula for the rest of the season) - "We stepped up and made some plays. I think I talked about, last week, I had the opportunity to watch a bunch of our (red zone) possessions. There wasn't one particular thing that had been the downfall necessarily as why we haven't been as productive. Obviously, when you watch last week, we had a couple of running touchdowns. We had a couple of passing touchdowns. The guys stepped up and made some plays. I thought we had a good plan. I thought we had practiced it well. It transferred to the game. It's the same thing. We will put in the red zone tomorrow. We would certainly love to be 100 percent every time you are in there."

(On C Samson Satele's play) - "I thought he played one of his better games the other day, I really did. I thought he did a good job. We actually showed the team some pictures today. We kind of reviewed some fundamentals this week in our team meetings, just some of the basics of blocking and tackling. He showed up on a lot of the pictures from last week's game. He did a nice job. I like the way he plays. He has good poise and composure. He's been practicing hard, playing hard."

(On Samson Satele bringing stability to the center position) - "Sure, he's a veteran guy. He's a veteran guy and he's a hard worker. I like what he is doing."

(On T Dallas Thomas and where he's made the most progress since returning healthy) - "You have to really respect the way he is contributing in a variety of different roles. We've asked this guy to do a lot of different things, and he's never wavered. He's always been ready. He's always answered the bell. I think he's shown improvement. He's started games at guard. He's started games at tackle. He's played right. He's played left. The guy stepped up and has really done some nice things contributing to the football team. I think it's just maturing overall. I think he was obviously an athletic guy when we drafted him. I think some of his experience and repetitions has paid off for him."

(On any reason why the road team has won the past four matchups between the Dolphins and Jets) - "Not that I can put my finger on. I would certainly love to duplicate what we've been doing up there and change what's been happening down here. Once the games start, each one of these games has been a little bit different. We played in an overtime game with them the first time. Then we went up there and had some really good things happen special teams wise early in that game a couple of years ago. Last year, I think we started the game with a sack on defense. We didn't have a lot of points at halftime, and then we made some plays in the second half. Last year, at the end, they played better than us, especially in the second half. I couldn't say there is one specific thing, but each game kind of takes on its own identity."

(On if he believes this team has the mental toughness to get over the hump in December and make the playoffs) - "I like the way this team has competed really since we've started this whole thing. This is the great thing, this is a great opportunity. I told them today, we have a great opportunity, it's December 1st by the time we kick the ball off in New York. Really good football teams play their best football in December and I'm confident that we are going to play an excellent game up in New York."

(On what else can be done to overcome the tackling issues) - "We practiced it a little bit today. We broke up the whole team and did a specific emphasis on it. We did a fundamental presentation on it to the whole team today, so it's certainly something that we want to make sure we address and work on. It's like any other fundamental. You can't assume anything in football, so you have to continually work on those basics of the game. Like I told the team today, I believe the game will be decided really by blocking and tackling. The schemes will take care of themselves."

(On if he has a chance as a coach to be thankful for the things he has) - "Oh yeah, absolutely. I said to the team, each and every one of us that works for the Miami Dolphins have a lot to be thankful for. We have a wonderful profession. They get to play the game that they love. (The coaches and I) get to coach the game that we love. Certainly, to get to this point of our lives, each person has a different story and there have been different people that have helped each and every one of us get to this particular point in our careers. We certainly should all be thankful for that. Then enjoy the afternoon, the rest of the day with family, friends. Yeah, absolutely."

(On how it felt to give away thanksgiving meals last night) - "I think the players have done a great job. I was over there and you can see them interact. Their interaction with the fans, the younger fans, the older fans, it really didn't matter. I thought it was authentic and really good to see in the participation. A lot of our guys financially contributed to that cause. They've been very generous with their time and their money, and it really showed yesterday."

(On if he sit backs, hangs out with his family and watches today's games) - "I'm definitely going to hang out with my family. We will take a look at the practice tape and we're going to make whatever corrections we need to make, make sure we are all set for tomorrow when the players come back into the building. But then I am absolutely going to take time with the family. I'll probably casually watch some football (today), but I watch enough in my regular job, so when I get home I'm not going to be riveted to it, that's for sure."

(On managing practice reps with players who have been injured at various times during the season) - "It all depends. Sometimes, I think two of the things you just mentioned are instances where we could monitor their repetitions. Really the position coaches have a lot to do with it. I think they have the best handle on their guys. They are with them the most. They see them the most. They kind of study them the most. Certainly, as guys deal with certain injuries, we monitor their development, their progress and how much they are capable of doing. Our training staff and our medical staff do a great job. It's a little bit of a combination."