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Phinsider Flash Poll: Biggest Offseason Roster Need Edition

Given what you now know about the 2014 version of the Miami Dolphins after 11 games what do you consider their position of most need in the upcoming off-season?

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Given that we have our 12th game of the season coming up, a game that will mark the 2/3's point of the season for the Dolphins, us fans should have a fairly firm grasp of what we have, roster wise. As with every NFL team there are weakness in the roster, some more glaring than others. No team can have a roster of 53 pro-bowlers or even top notch starters. With the NFL's hard salary cap the one thing that suffers is depth. Teams can not afford to be two or three deep at certain positions any longer let alone at many.  The NFL wanted parity and in many ways they have gotten it via the hard salary cap.

With that in mind and given what you now know about  our 2014 Miami Dolphins roster, what one roster position do you consider our most glaring need for replacement or upgrade in the off-season? I know that many of you will have more than one position that you find an issue with but pick the one that you think needs the most immediate attention.