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Strikes & Gutters: Week 12 Fantasy Football Advice

We're on a roll!

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The NFL is impossible to predict. Just when you think you have teams completely figured out (Bucs, Rams, Bears, Broncos..etc) they show you that anything can happen. The Miami Dolphins sit at 6 - 4 and appear to be a very well-balanced football team that can play with anyone, anywhere at any time. This is as difficult a match up as they will face all season, but I don't see it as the guaranteed 'L' that I assumed it would be when the schedule was released. As much as things change, some things do remain constant. I am 0 for all of my Redskins picks this year. I don't know why I keep going back to that well. That said, I actually had another solid week. Jordan Matthews, Mark Ingram and Odell Beckham Jr. all enjoyed decent fantasy success. DeSean Jackson was running wide open down field vs. the Bucs cover 0 scheme, but RGIII could not get him the ball. Charles Clay actually produced an OK day for PPR players at TE with 5 catches for 30+ yards. I'll take a 3.5 out of 5 on my strike calls. The Gutters were all spot on except Lamar Miller (WOOOOOOO). Darren Oliver saw his workload decrease with Ryan Matthews coming coming back. Larry Fitzgerald struggled to find space and opportunity vs. a tough Lions Defense. Bobby Rainey is no longer a viable option in TB. And Trent Richardson... My god... He had as many rushing yards as I did last week. So 75% on the week, and things are looking up for the column again.

Thanks, man. I try. Sometimes, I even try really hard!



Justin Forsett: Coming off a bye against a very soft run defense, I look for the Ravens to try and play keep away from the Saints on Sunday. This is often their strategy anyway, and Forsett has been a really solid RB all season, much to the delight of of people who scooped him off waivers earlier in the season.

T.Y. Hilton: Think the Colts are pissed? Think they take it out on the mighty Jacksonville Jaguars in Indy on Sunday? Think Blake Bortles can keep up with Andrew Luck?

Tre Mason: I really wanted the Dolphins to draft this kid. He is going to absolutely shred San Diego on Sunday. Hard to argue with what Moreno gave the Dolphins week one against the Pats, and you can't predict injuries, but can you image running this Bowling Ball out there with Lamar Miller every week? I hope your day isn't ruined.

LeSean McCoy: I don't typically put the consensus #1 pick in my strikes column, given that I try to pick sleepers. BUT let's be honest here; people aren't sure whether or not start Shady anymore. J.J. Watt has as many TDs as McCoy has. let that sink in. Now, understand that he gets the Titans at home on Sunday. He is a safe play this weekend, and will finally display some of the value that made him go so high in drafts this year.

Courtesy Dolphin Start of the Week, Ryan Tannehill: I believe Tannehill comes to play on Sunday. If the line holds up, I think we can make some hay in Denver on Sunday. I think he'll get it going on the ground AND in the air. I believe you could do a lot worse if you are thin at QB this week.


Pierre Garcon: If you still have this guy, I am sorry. I meant to highlight him a while ago as a guy to dump safely. I don't know what the deal is, maybe he just doesn't fit the offense. He will get you nothing of value. Let him go. Side Note: He's on the Redksins, so expect him to do the exact opposite of what I just said he would do.

Ryan Matthews: The Rams are starting to resemble the rugged football team people envisioned at the beginning of the season. The Defense has really warmed up and is stopping the Run at historic levels. Also, Matthews isn't 100% still. It will not be a very good game for him o Sunday.

Marques Colston: Like Garcon, I am not sure what happened to this guy. He still looks the part and is on a great offensive team. He gets few targets and does little with them. Even with Cooks out, I don't feel safe starting him.

Matthew Stafford: Fratty Matty has to be the most frustrating fantasy QB in history. He has the arm talent, the WRs and the offensive line needed to be great. He had one incredible season a few years ago now, yet he consistently puts up bad numbers against decent teams.

Courtesy Dolphin Sit of the Week, The Defense: Denver on the road is not a match up play I'd roll with this week. I love our defense, and think they can play well. But don't get cute, especially with the fantasy play-offs on the line.

It's getting very close to crunch time for fantasy leagues right now. More importantly, the Dolphins are in the thick of the play-off hunt IRL! I like our chances a lot more than last season, and really think we can make some noise. We match up well with most of the elite teams, and they are making plays on all sides of the ball (even if the big play on offense hasn't been there). Best of luck to those of you still in the hunt in your leagues. As always feel free to leave any specific questions you have in the comment section, and I will give you advice that you should most likely ignore. GO PHINS!

Well, dude, sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you...