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Phinsider Flash Poll: Joe Philbin, should he stay, should he go?

If you were the GM what direction would you go? Stay the course or go after a new head coach and start over with a new staff?

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

With the Dolphins heading in the 12th week of the season and about to play their 11 game of 2014 they sit two games over .500 at 6 and 4 and are right on the edge at this point of earning a playoff position. The flash question today is if the season were to end today, given where we stand, with all the success' and missteps of the team this season, would you if you were the GM keep head coach Joe Philbin or let him go in favor of new talent in that position knowing that you would  in some ways be blowing it up again and be heading a a whole new direction?