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Malcontent RBs Available

RB depth is something the Dolphins are short on. Viable options are on the market.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

I have been on record as saying that this is the best Dolphins team we've seen in a VERY long time. I think we need to do everything we can to make a run at the Super Bowl. Crazy, you say? Maybe...

Knowshon Moreno added a dimension that this team hasn't had for a while. A nasty, hard to tackle running back who fit the one-cut zone blocking running scheme we run, perfectly. Lamar Miller has also played extremely well this season, but I'm not convinced he can handle the full load, and injuries are starting to pile up on this team. As an insurance policy I think it may be wise to take a look at Ben Tate or LeGarrette Blount. Both were released today. Both run hard and have had success in similar schemes.

Blount played at Oregon under Chip Kelly, and Lazor's offense has shown a lot similarities to that system. Also, Dennis Hickey was a front office member in Tampa where Blount put up huge numbers as an undrafted rookie.

Tate on the other hand has proven to be a very effective back who runs hard in the one cut zone blocking scheme John Benton (the offensive line coach) employs. They worked together fairly well in Houston when Tate was given the chance to play. He runs hard and is a bigger back like Blount.

Both, are liabilities in the passing game on some level, but I think they could be effective change of pace backs to add here for extremely discounted prices. Might be worth a shot to take a look at one of them. Daniel Thomas has been OK.  Damien Williams and LaMichael James are very intriguing options as well. That said; we all saw what Blount did for the Pats down the stretch last year, and in a strong locker room (which I believe we have now) I think either one of these guys could prove to be huge assets. Neither are must-signs, and I like our chances just fine with the team we have. I just liked them better with Moreno in the fold, and I feel like one of these guys could provide a part of the edge that he did before we lost him all too soon. What do you guys think?