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Week 11 late games live chat

A live thread for the Week 11 late games.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday afternoon's Week 11 slate of games for the NFL continues into the late games. We bring you a live thread for those games.

Today's slate of games at the 4:05/4:25pm ET slot are:

Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers

Philadelphia Eagles at Green Bay Packers
Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals

Most of the country will be watching the Fox Eagles-Packers game, while the Pacific Northwest, northern California, Arizona, most of Michigan, and an area around the intersection of the Kansas-Missouri-Oklahoma borders. The Tampa, Florida; Charlotte, North Carolina; Washington, DC; New York City; Kansas City, Missouri; and the entire West Coast will have the late CBS game as well. (San Diego has no late Fox game scheduled due to NFL rules). Here's the map from to be able to picture the Fox late schedule:

506 Map Week 11 - Fox Late

Don't forget, we also have our weekly guide from KIH004 on the teams for which you should root this week in order to help the Miami Dolphins get into the playoffs.

As with our Dolphins live threads, do not post links to illegal online streams, and do not ask for others to post them.