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Week 11 early games live thread

A live thread for the Week 11 early games.


The Miami Dolphins played on Thursday night this week, meaning they don't have a game today and we don't have a Dolphins live thread today. Instead, we bring you a live thread for all of the early games.

Today's slate of games at the 1pm ET slot are:

Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears
Houston Texans at Cleveland Browns
Cincinnati Bengals at New Orleans Saints
Denver Broncos at St. Louis Rams

Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Redskins
San Francisco 49ers at New York Giants
Seattle Seahawks at Kansas City Chiefs

If you want to know which games you will be getting today, we posted a look at the early games television schedule this morning. We also have our weekly guide from KIH004 on the teams for which you should root this week in order to help the Dolphins get into the playoffs.

As with our Dolphins live threads, do not post links to illegal online streams, and do not ask for others to post them.