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Joe Philbin returns to Dolphins after death of his father

Thoughts and prayers to the Philbin family.

Rob Foldy

Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin was away from the team for a "family issue" over the past couple of days. Philbin returned to the team today after the passing of his father Friday night.

Paul Philbin was 93-years old.

Joe Philbin will coach the team during their game on Sunday against the San Diego Chargers. He turned the last couple of practices for the week over to the assistant coaches, with defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle handling the media responsibilities after Thursday's workout.

"We all ran practice," Coyle told the media when asked if he ran the day's practice. "The way Coach Philbin has got this machine running, the machine kind of runs itself. All of the sudden, as soon as Joe Cimino hits the horn, practice is moving. It's not a hard deal to follow. Coach has done a phenomenal job organizing every practice and every second of every practice, so we just kind of follow his lead and go from there."

Thoughts, prayers, and condolences  to Coach Philbin and the entire Philbin family.