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Saturday Afternoon Phinsider Flash Poll: Who Will Be Sunday's Hero?

The Miami Dolphins play the San Diego Chargers tomorrow in an important game if the Dolphins hope to make the playoffs. Who will be the hero that helps put the Phins over the hump?

Rob Foldy

Tomorrow the Miami Dolphins host the San Diego Chargers in an important game so far as the playoff race is concerned. The Chargers currently sit at 5 and 3 in the AFC West with little hope to catch the Bronco while the Dolphins sit at third behind the Patriots. Simply put if Miami continues to win the games they "should' win and steal a couple of games that the experts pick them as underdogs in, they will have a great shot at making the playoffs this year. With that in mind, in order for Miami to defeat the Chargers who will have to step up, who will have to be the hero in Sundays game?