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Will you get the Packers vs Dolphins game in Week 6?

The Miami Dolphins host the Green Bay Packers this weekend. Will you get to watch the game? We look at the map.

Scott Boehm

506 Sports - Week 6

The Miami Dolphins welcome the Green Bay Packers into Sun Life Stadium this weekend for a Sun day afternoon showdown. The game airs on Fox this week in the 1pm ET slot. Where will you be able to see the game? Thanks to, we have the answer.

This week's game gets the national coverage, spreading over most of the country. On the map above, the game is represented by the red color. For the specific markets, the game will, of course, be carried throughout the Green Bay market, as well as nearly all of Florida, except the Tampa Bay and Mobile (AL) markets.

If you are not in the red, NFL Sunday Ticket (which can be streamed online with a subscription) will have the game. Or, you can head to the sports bar.

Providing the commentary for the game will be Sam Rosen and John Lynch.

Most of Florida will get the Dallas Cowboys a t Seattle Seahawks contest on Fox in the late time slot (Tallahassee and the western end of the Panhandle will get the Chicago Bears at Atlanta Falcons game). CBS cannot air a game in the early time slot in Miami, but will cover the San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders in the late slot for the market. The rest of Florida will be split among multiple games in the early slot, with West Palm Beach and most of the Panhandle getting the Denver Broncos at New York Jets game, the Orlando and Jacksonville markets picking up the Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans contest, and the Baltimore Ravens at Tampa Bay Buccaneers game in the Tampa area.

We will have everything you need to know to watch the game later in the week.