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Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin: Packers 'going to be a challenge'

MIami DOlphins head coach Joe Philbin met with the media on Tuesday. Here are his comments:

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

(Opening statement)- "This is kind of a different, as you guys know, practice schedule. This is a little bit of a bonus day for us as a coaching staff. Obviously, (we're) moving forward with our game planning and our preparation for the Green Bay game."

(On what he'll tell the defensive backs about Packers QB Aaron Rodgers)- "It's a good offensive football team. Just like as I talk to our team, our offensive unit, there's more than one player that makes that offense go. He's obviously a very good player, but we have to execute our game plan. Really, we're talking about us, first and foremost, is you only control so much. We don't control the plays they're going to call or the route they're going to call, so we want our guys to understand our plan and how we plan to stop the Green Packer offense. He's a big part of their offense, but really it's more about us and what we can do as a defensive football team to slow down a team that's averaged, what 40 points a game the last two weeks. Certainly, it's going to be a challenge."

(On C Mike Pouncey saying yesterday that he could be playing guard this week and how far he would go to get the best five offensive linemen on the field) - "I think I said a couple of weeks ago, nothing is off the table. We're going to decide who the best 46 players are and, right now, as I've said before to you guys, our starters are our starters right now. But things can change. We're going to see. He's still evolving and practicing since he's come back gradually and we're trying to work him more and more every single time he goes out on the field - just to make sure, number one, he's healthy and ready to play regardless of what position he plays. I haven't ruled anything out."

(On how different center and guard are)- "There's a little difference. One the one hand, you always like to say football's football and blocking's blocking. But in fairness to players, there's obviously some differences, but I don't think they're insurmountable differences."

(On the biggest one or two differences between center and guard)- "It all depends. Kind of weekly, it can change based on, I would say in today's football, the center is probably uncovered a little bit more than the guards are probably in the game today. Again, that's a general statement. That doesn't mean it's 100 percent. I'd say that's a little bit different and some of the job requirements are different. Guards typically are going to pull more and move more in space and so forth. Mike's done a nice job of that when we asked him to do that. Those are a couple of quick differences."

(On when he was in Green Bay coaching QB Aaron Rodgers and when he knew about him ascending to the next level where he is today)- "I think the first time that we had an opportunity to coach in the Pro Bowl over in Hawaii. I know it's not the same type of football practices or the same game, but he hadn't even played a game yet, started a game, if I'm not mistaken. We were just kind of watching guys throw on both sides, both teams, and I was kind of thinking to myself, ‘Geez, the guy we've got that is a backup at that point in time can certainly throw the ball with the same type of velocity and so forth as these guys.' So that was kind of the first time. Then it just was a gradual thing. He just got in there and started. He played really well really from the beginning, but obviously he developed over time. It wasn't like (it was immediate). He's really playing well. I think he has 12 touchdowns and one interception. That's a pretty good ratio. He's a fine player."

(On C Mike Pouncey seeming to be open about playing guard and if that plays into the decision about where to play a guy if he really wants to do something) - "You're always looking for guys that want to contribute and are unselfish. This is a team game. As a coach, you always want guys that are ready to answer the bell and do it whatever they can to help their team win."

(On C Mike Pouncey being limited in practice for some time and if he was getting some work at guard)- "He's been getting a little bit of everything. He's been getting work at a lot of different things and pitching in. He's been pitching and he's one of those guys I think, he's a football player, so he likes to compete, he likes to play. I think he'd line up anywhere. If you told him to go anywhere, he'd do it."

(On what this game represents for him going against his former team in Green Bay)- "It's a big game. This is an important game. The last time we lined up and played, we had an excellent road trip and came together as a team, and played well as a football team. We've talked about, now, let's put together a consistent effort. Let's start coming back, one of the objectives of the bye week was to come back healthy and fresh, and ready to go as a football team and start playing consistently well. Now, we're into the second quarter of the season. The first quarter is over. There's some experimentation in the first quarter and there's some ups and downs. Really, this is a team that's been to the playoffs five years in a row, that's coming into our stadium and they're a good football team. This is a great measuring stick for where we are as a team. Personally, it's really no more than that. Obviously, I have great regard for a lot of the people there, but that will kind of happen again later. I will have more regard for them October 13th than I will on the 12th (joking)."

(On Green Bay not doing a good job running the football or stopping the run statistically, and if statistics ever make him think they should tweak the game plan)- "I think you bring up an interesting point about Green Bay on paper. I said this to the football team, I think, on paper, if you look at yards, total offense, total defense. Today, they're not a great football team. If you look at points scored and points given up, I think they're fifth in football and I think they're 28th if you just added up the yards. Again, we all would agree that sometimes you can take statistics and move them around in a lot of different directions. I told the team that this is a very efficient football team. They are a team that doesn't beat themselves. They're number one in the turnover margin. We're going to have to play a smart, sound football game against these guys. Certainly, I don't dispute what you brought up about the rushing statistics, but you watch the film and it's like, we were sitting there as an offensive staff today, you don't see them getting blown off the ball a lot. You just don't. They're too well coached. You guys know Dom Capers. Dom was here and, Dom's as good in this generation of football in the NFL, he's as good as there is in my mind."

(On how he would describe his working relationship with Packers QB Aaron Rodgers when he was offensive coordinator)- "Yeah, it was very professional. He's a high quality human being, number one. He's very dedicated to his profession, number two. He was an excellent teammate to his fellow teammates in the locker room. He was an excellent person to work with."

(On if he ever thought Packers QB Aaron Rodgers would be a spokesman for an insurance company)- "(Laughing) I don't know. He's doing well at that, too."

(On the thinking behind re-signing WR Damian Williams and if he will be competing for return duties)- "We just got him in here late yesterday, so we'll get him back on the practice field, see where he is and see how he fits in. He's a guy we liked. He was a guy we liked when he was on the ball club, so now we'll see how he fits in."

(On if he'll at least take a look at WR Damian Williams in the return game)- "He's definitely going to be involved in returning punts. How active that is when we get to a game? I don't know, but, in practice, I know he will be, for sure."