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Peyton Manning ties Dan Marino's record for most career 400-yard games

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning ties Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino for the most 400-yard passing games in league history.

Justin Edmonds

Congratulations to Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, who hit a couple of major milestones on Sunday. He threw four touchdown passes on the day, surpassing the 500 career scoring passes mark, only the second player to surpass that amount. His 503 career touchdown passes has him five scores behind the record, a mark held by Brett Favre.

He also tied an NFL record during the game when he surpassed 400-yard passing in the contest, finishing with 479, a career high. This was the 13th time in the regular season he has thrown for 400 or more yards in a game, tying him with Dan Marino, the Miami Dolphins legend and Hall of Fame quarterback.

Manning has three 400-yard passing performances in the post-season as well, giving him the combined regular season and playoffs record at 16, one ahead of Marino.

Drew Brees is third on on the list in both categories, with 10 regular season and 13 combined performances.

Also of note, Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker set the record for most passes caught by an undrafted free agent during the Broncos game against the Arizona Cardinals. His 850th career reception came during the first half of the game, surpassing Rod Smith for that record. Welker caught 96 of those passes in three seasons with the Dolphins.