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Ryan Tannehill getting lessons from Dan Marino

When you have a Hall of Fame quarterback on your staff, giving your young quarterback some lessons is hopefully in the job description.

Rob Foldy

Dan Marino. The name still lingers over the Miami Dolphins franchise, even 15 years after the Hall of Fame quarterback retired from the NFL. Now, Marino himself is actually hanging around the franchise, hired earlier this year to be a "Dolphins special advisor" to owner Stephen Ross. And, when you have a Hall of Fame quarterback, a passer widely regarded as one of the best to ever play the game, hanging out in your facilities, there is probably another role he could hold.

How does "special advisor to the quarterbacks" sound?

According to various media reports, that is exactly what Marino is (unofficially) doing.

"Dan's been great," quarterback Ryan Tannehill told the media this week. "He's been around a lot as of recent. I've watched tape with him, he's been in the QB room. He's a great resource to have around, just his knowledge of the game and obviously the success that he had during his career."

Marino has been more visible around the team over the past few weeks. He's been to the games, and has made appearances at practice. According to Tannehill, the two signal callers talk every week, with some of those including film work.

"He's always just pointing out little things on tape," Tannehill continued, "whether it's receivers' routes or something I'm doing. He's good at picking up little things and passing them along."

This weekend, as the Dolphins host the San Diego Chargers in a game that could have playoff implications down the line, the hope is Tannehill is picking up those things the Hall of Famer is passing along.