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POLL: Was Miami Dolphins Victory over Jacksonville Jaguars Encouraging or Discouraging?

The Miami Dolphins victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars was one of the most baffling of the season. But was the victory over the inferior Jaguars discouraging or encouraging?

Rob Foldy

The Miami Dolphins beat the one-win Jacksonville Jaguars in Jacksonville last Sunday. It was a confusing game with a confusing result and, naturally, has many confused on how to feel about it.

On one hand, the Dolphins won a game that they were supposed to win against an underrated Jaguars team on the road. The team showed resilience in order to pick things up offensively after and abysmal half of football, and the defense carried the team until the offense got it together.

The team showed playmaking ability in key situations. Miami's defense showed the ability to tighten the screws when the opponent crosses the 50-yard line. The defense also showed the ability to force turnovers and mistakes and showed that they are an aggressive bunch (which actually hurt when the Jaguars ran misdirection plays).

On the other hand, the Dolphins did not show dominance. In fact, the team showed struggle outside of the four key plays that swayed the tide of the game. The Dolphins, yet again, showed how inconsistency is their calling card. The Dolphins, after dominating a talented Chicago Bears team in the Windy City, regressed their level of play to match that of their inferior opponent.

That inconsistency is very troubling. Possibly the most troubling takeaway from Sunday's game. If the Dolphins cannot become a more consistent team then the next four games, against opponents with a combined record of 22-9, will be a nightmare.

A blocked field goal by Olivier Vernon, a pick six by Louis Delmas, a pick six by Brent Grimes and a strip of Jaguars QB Blake Bortles by Jelani Jenkins were the plays that decided the game. Without those four plays, the Dolphins may have lost that game.

With what you've just read in mind, I ask you this-- was the Dolphins 27-13 win over the Jaguars encouraging or discouraging? Record your answer in the poll and feel free to comment any and all thoughts on this subject.