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Jets try some trickery - Fails exactly as you would expect

Just because it's fun.

Why are we taking a minute to look at a New York Jets play? Because it is exactly the glorious failure you would expect. The Jets have Percy Harvin back to return a kick. You know, the dynamic, people kick away from him kick returning Percy Harvin? So, they decide, this would be the perfect time to fake everyone out and run a trick play.

Harvin catches the ball at the very back of the endzone. Since they have the perfect trick play designed, Harvin runs out to the two yard line where he then stopped and looked for the player NO ONE POSSIBLY NOTICED, T.J. Graham. You see, he was perfectly camouflaged in the end zone lying down on the green paint.

Then, the beauty that is the New York Jets took over and the Buffalo Bills took care of the ridiculous play - but not before we all got the great GIF above.