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What player would you steal off the Jaguars roster for the Dolphins?

You have the power to steal one Jacksonville Jaguars player and put him on the Miami Dolphins roster. Who do you choose?

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Tomorrow afternoon, the Miami Dolphins will face the Jacksonville Jaguars in a matchup between the two Florida franchises in the AFC. While both teams have struggled in recent years, they both have talent on their rosters, and talent that could be worth stealing.

Which brings us to this morning, where you have the power to steal one player off the Jaguars roster and immediately put him on Miami's roster. Who would you pick?

There are a couple of answers that seem enticing, including a grab for rookie quarterback Blake Bortles. I will not select the UCF Knight, however, because I think Ryan Tannehill is worth continuing to use and develop, especially if he really is getting into synch with Bill Lazor's offense.

Another option, and one I really considered, was running back Denard Robinson. Jacksonville has tried to find ways to get the one-time Michigan starting quarterback involved in the offense, including playing him as a wide receiver and a running back. Last week, with starting running back Toby Gerhart sidelined, Robinson carried the ball 22 times for 127 yards and a touchdown. Gerhart's season stats are 48 carries for 123 yards and a score.

Robinson is a weapon, even if he does not yet have a perfect position. He is someone that you can absolutely design a package of plays to take advantage of his speed, agility, and flat-out talent. He would be worth grabbing and letting Lazor find a way to get him involved.

That's not the player I want. I want the player I wanted in the draft in the 2013 Draft, if only he had fallen a little more. Miami traded up to grab defensive end Dion Jordan with the third overall pick, and while Jordan has struggled to find playing time when he is not injured or suspended, I still think it was a great move, especially when you take into account the low price Miami paid to get the pick from the Oakland Raiders. I think Jordan, once he actually gets involved in the defense, will be a special player.

There was another defensive player who I thought would be special before the draft, and still think he will be special now. I really liked Florida International safety Johnathan Cyprien, and I am taking this chance to grab him. I like what Louis Delmas has brought to the Miami defense this year, but can you imagine a safety pairing of Cyprien and Reshad Jones. I really think they would have been able to dominate for years. And, since this is my pick, I am going to pick the player I wanted.

Who do you like on the Jaguars' roster? Would you steal Bortles? Robinson? Cyprien? Maybe you like left tackle Luke Joeckel, the second overall pick from 2013's draft?  Let us know who you would target in the comments below.