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NFL Trade Deadline rumors: Does Miami have anyone on the trading block?

The NFL trade deadline comes next Tuesday. Are there any Miami Dolphins players on the block?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, we had a little fun looking at the Miami Dolphins potentially trading for Vincent Jackson or Andre Johnson. While those moves are unlikely, could the Dolphins be sellers when it comes to this year's deadline - and could they sell while still winning?

Mike Wallace

There has been talk that Miami could be looking to move wide receiver Mike Wallace. While the salary concerns could be a reason to consider a trade, losing Wallace, who has turned into a weapon for the Miami offense, is on pace for a career high in touchdown passes, and is clearly the top receiving option on the team, would obviously hurt the team. From another team's point of view, Wallace's contract is too expensive. From the Dolphins side, trying to win while losing Wallace does not make sense. Wallace is not going anywhere.

Matt Moore

Trading backup quarterback Matt Moore is always a conversation Dolphins fans have, whether it be in season or during the offseason. Moore clearly has value and is one of the top reserve passers in the league. If a team were to lose their starting quarterback this weekend, perhaps Moore becomes an option, but I would imagine it would need to be an impressive offer from the other team. If Miami still had Pat Devlin on the roster/practice squad, perhaps this trade would seem a little more likely. Seth Lobato, who took over the third quarterback position this year, does not appear ready to step in if something were to happen to Tannehill. Moore will finish out the final year of his contract with Miami the remainder of this season.

Dion Jordan

Earlier this week, Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald raised the idea that Miami could regret not trading defensive Dion Jordan to the Philadelphia Eagles this offseason. Salguero's speculation revolves around Miami wishing they had traded Jordan before the two suspensions for a total of six games which he had to serve this year. Salguero writing that has again sparked rumors that Miami could be looking to send their third overall pick in 2013 away, and it has Philadelphia fans wondering if they could buy low on a player that, once he is able to get on the field regularly, should have a ton of return. After waiting seven weeks to get Jordan back, Miami is not likely to trade him before Tuesday's deadline.

Brian Hartline

Coming off of two straight 1,000 yard seasons, wide receiver Brian Hartline has been quarterback Ryan Tannehill's security blanket. Things appear to have changed this year, and Hartline is not being used as much as he has in the past. Hartline is currently on pace for 523 receiving yards and three touchdowns this year. The new offensive scheme simply has not allowed Hartline the production we have seen from him in the past. It has led to fans wondering if Hartline is done in Miami. The Dolphins could look to trade him before the deadline, if they really are considering releasing him after the year, to get at least some sort of compensation for him, and allow Jarvis Landry, the rookie wide receiver who appears to have cemented himself into the third position on the depth chart at this point, to move up and play opposite Mike Wallace. It is not likely, but it could be a consideration.

Philip Wheeler

Okay, I am completely making this one up myself, but I would like to think the Dolphins are looking for a way to move Wheeler, which would open a starting position for Chris McCain and/or Dion Jordan. Maybe it is too early to make the commitment to McCain and Jordan in that kind of role, but it should at least be a thought someone in Miami's front office is having. Who would be willing to take Wheeler, though?


As I said in yesterday's look at Miami trading for Jackson or Johnson, I really do not see Miami making any trade moves this year. It is fun to speculate, but at the end of the day, the NFL trade deadline usually comes and goes without any major moves. If someone does pull off a trade this year, I just do not think it is the Dolphins.