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Pouncey brothers cleared in nightclub fight

The Pouncey brothers were implicated in a nightclub fight this summer. According to the players' attorney and the Florida State Attorney, neither brother will be charged in the incident.


Months after the initial battery allegations were levied against Miami Dolphins guard Mike Pouncey and his twin brother Maurkice Pouncey, center for the Pittsburgh Steelers, the two Pro Bowlers will not be charged with any wrongdoing in a Miami nightclub fight. As reported by the Palm Beach Post's Andrew Abramson, both the players' attorney and the State Attorney's office have stated that no charges will be filed in the incident.

The Pouncey brothers were celebrating their birthday, as they do every year, at Cameo, a Miami nightclub on July 12, 2014. During the party, an incident of somesort happened, with the police in possession of the video tape of the altercation. Riquan James, who goes by Ricky Vasquez online, was injured during the altercation, requiring ten stitches at a local hospital. He then took to Twitter to implicate the Pouncey brothers as the agressors in the fight, a claim that was then backed up by two women, one of whom was a friend of Vasquez'. The brothers maintained that they had nothing to do with the situation throughout the past few months.

Reports eventually began to indicate that Mike was not involved at all, but that Maurkice was.

Now, neither player appears to have been involved. At least not to the point that the State Attorney's office feels charges can be brought against them. According to Abramson's reporting, the State's Atoorney's office stated that they received multiple, conflicting, versions of the incident wit "unresolved proof and credibility issues" and that the injuries sustained cannot be determined to be intentional injuries caused during a battery, or if they were accdiental injuries caused due to the small space in which the altercation occured. The video, according to the report, was inconclusive as to who was invovled, with the room too crowded to positively identify any individual.

Abramson also reports that former Dolphins tackle Bryant McKinnie was a guest of Vasquez at the club that night, and was asked to testify about the situation. McKinnie said the Pounceys were dancing during the fight and not involved.

Vasquez, as well as the two women Niya Pickett and Brentley Williams, have filed a civil suit against the twin brothers.