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Ryan Tannehill to Charles Clay for 25 yards in first quarter

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill found tight end Charles Clay for a 25-yard gain in the first quarter against the Chicago Bears.

Jonathan Daniel

For the first time this season, Miami Dolphins tight end Charles Clay looked healthy and fast. And, for the first time this season, Clay was a big part of the Miami offense. The Dolphins got Clay involved early, with quarterback Ryan Tannehill finding him on a 25-yard pass play in the first quarter.

The play design was well executed, with Tannehill faking a handoff to running back Damien Williams, while Clay leaked out from his position on the left side of the offensive line. Clay's movement off the line was filled by Dion Sims, who crossed across the offensive line to pick up the block on the left side.

The Dolphins lined up in a pistol formation, with Williams behind Tannehill, Clay to the left side of the line, Sims to the right, and wide receivers Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline spread to the left and right, respectively.

Clay 1

Just after the snap, everything is working perfectly, with Sims being the key yo the pass protection. The Miami offensive line is selling a run block for Williams moving right, but Jared Allen coming off the right side of the defense has a free shot at Tannehill if Sims is not able to get across to engage.

Clay 2

As Tannehill comes away from the fake to Williams, all three of the Bears linebackers are staring in the backfield, trying to determine if Williams has the ball, or if Tannehill is going to bootleg to the offense's left. Right between them, Clay runs his route.

Clay 3

Sims effectively blocks Allen out deep, giving Tannehill a perfect ability to step up in the pocket. The rest of the offensive line have done a beautiful job of shielding Tannehill and letting him have the time to find Clay.

Clay 4

Tannehill drops the ball into Clay who is now 21 yards down the field.

Clay 5

Clay gains another four yards before stepping out of bounds.

Clay 6

Clay finished the game with a team high 58-yards receiving on four receptions. He had a game high 14.5 yards per carry average and caught one of the two touchdown passes from Tannehill on the day, with Wallace picking up the other.