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NFL Picks against the spread 2014: Week 7

We pick all of Sunday's games against the spread.

Bob Levey

As we get close to the Sunday games of Week 7 of the NFL season, I will once again make my picks against the boys in Vegas, aka against the spread. My first attempt was very successful by Vegas standards, going 11 and 3 against the spread which you can see HERE. Lets see if I can again hit nearly 79% of my picks in week two.

Here are my picks against Vegas. You can find all of the current betting lines at the SB Nation odds page.

So here are my week two picks-

2014 Week 7

Carolina Panthers at Green Bay Packers (-7) - As I said last week, I do not typically like spreads that are the at the seven plus mark. The Packers are a great team, but this seems to be cheating the Panthers some. I think the line will continue to move toward the Panthers as kickoff gets closer, ending at six or six-and-a-half. Pick: Panthers (+7)

New Orleans Saints at Detroit Lions (-2) - I feel like this number is a little small for this game. If this were in New Orleans, this game would absolutely see a different line. As it stands, it's in Detroit this week, and the Panthers hold a slight edge. I feel like the line puts too much faith in the Saints away from the Superdome, while disregarding the offensive weapons Detroit has. Pick: Lions (-2)

Miami Dolphins at Chicago Bears (-3.5) - This game has hovered right around the 3-3.5 range all week. Essentially, the line is giving the nod to the Bears based on home field advantage - something they have yet to be able to defend this year. The Dolphins fought with the Packers last weekend up until the final score with six seconds to go. I think this game is another close one, and I have Miami winning outright, so I see them covering as well. Pick: Dolphins (+3.5)

Seattle Seahawks (-7) at St. Louis Rams - Another big number, and another time that I'm not really sure what I want to do. The Seahawks usually rebound well from a loss, but this game is on the road, not at home. Jeff Fisher typically performs well as a home underdog, which just adds to the indecision. I am going to lean toward the Seahawks pulling away late, which will allow them to overcome the seven points, but I am not fully confident in that pick. Pick: Seahawks (-7)

Tennessee Titans at Washington Redskins (-6) - For some reason, people seem big on the Redskins here. I'm not sure why. Even if the Redskins win, which is not a guarantee, I don't think they are beating the Titans by more than six. Pick: Titans (+6)

Minnesota Vikings at Buffalo Bills (-6) - The Bills are sliding a little, but this could be exactly what they need to snap out of it. Buffalo absolutely has a home field advantage at this point, and one that should be able to help them reach this spread. Pick: Bills (-6)

Cleveland Browns (-6) at Jacksonville Jaguars - I have been big on the Browns this year, usually picking them as straight up winners. After last week's victory over the Steelers, the line has them beating the Jaguars big this week. I don't see it as being that big a victory - potentially with the Jaguars even winning this contest - so I'm not sure the Browns get a six point margin of victory. Pick: Jaguars (+6)

Atlanta Falcons at Baltimore Ravens (-7) - Another big spread, and another line I am not sure I like. I think Baltimore wins, but they are not the dominating, shut them down defense of previous years. Atlanta should be able to keep up with the Ravens, even if they cannot come away with the straight up win. Pick: Falcons (+7)

Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts (-3) - This game is Interesting, and not an easy one to pick. There will be arguments on both sides of the line. I think I am a little bit higher on the Bengals than some others, and I think they could score an upset on the road. Pick: Bengals (+3)

Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers (-4) - I think the Chiefs are poised to upset the Chargers this week, surprising a San Diego squad who is getting Super Bowl talk as of late. The Chargers will be ready for this game, but I have a feeling Kansas City will come off their bye week firing on all cylinders. Pick: Chiefs (+4)

New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys (-7) - This line has seen a lot of movement, starting with Dallas favored by 5, then it falling to 3, before expanding to a 7 point favorite. A lot of the money on the Cowboys is likely a reflection of their win over the Seattle Seahawks last week. I think facing a division opponent is a lot different. The Cowboys will probably win, but I don't see it being a touchdown difference. Pick: Giants (+7)

Arizona Cardinals (-4) at Oakland Raiders - Oakland has actually been pretty good against the spread this year, though I don't think that continues this week. Arizona is a good team, and they are likely going to try to prove it against the Raiders. Pick: Arizona (-4)

San Francisco 49ers at Denver Broncos (-7) - Denver is a dominating team, but San Francisco appears to be rounding into form for the season. When it comes to a seven point spread, I'm going to go with San Francisco to cover, even if I'm going with Denver to win. Pick: 49ers (+7)

Houston Texans at Pittsburgh Steelers (-3.5) - Pittsburgh has not been playing well lately, so giving the Steelers the extra half point over the home field advantage Is a little surprising. Houston can win this game, and should be able to cover a 3.5 point spread. Pick: Texans (+3)