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Seattle Seahawks Trade WR Percy Harvin To The New York Jets

The reigning Super Bowl Champs trade one of their biggest offensive threats to the Jets for a mid round pick.

I got traded WHERE???
I got traded WHERE???
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

As the work week winds down for most football fans, they come home to the news that the Seattle Seahawks have traded one of their biggest offensive weapons to the New York Jets for a conditional mid round draft pick.  This move is a puzzling one for both teams.  Most people believe that the Jets, fresh off their 6th consecutive loss, are done for this season.  While the Jets have a noted lack of playmakers on the outside and glaring questions at the QB position, this move seems like too little, too late.  Harvin will certainly give them a much needed receiving threat, but the Jets are looking at rebuilding after this season is over and could use those draft picks in that process.

On the other side, Seattle spent a first round pick to acquire Harvin just last offseason, but feel he is no longer
a fit for their team.  Seattle still has Marshawn Lynch and a strong running game, but now are less threatening on the outside with a receiver corps of Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse, Ricardo Lockette, and rookie Paul Richardson.  There are some suggesting on Twitter that there were major character concerns and that's why Seattle was willing to trade him.

In any case, the Jets made a move they think can salvage their sinking season while the Seahawks admit they made a mistake and pull the plug on a weapon after only 8 games played for them.