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NFL Power Rankings Week 7: Dolphins move up despite loss to Packers

The Miami Dolphins lost to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. According to SB Nation's Power Rankings, the performance was at least good enough to move them up.

Mike Ehrmann

The Miami Dolphins lost to the Green Bay Packers on a last second touchdown pass from Aaron Rodgers to tight end Andrew Quarless. The second half of the game turned into a really enjoyable contest, especially for Dolphins fans if you forget the last six seconds. It appears that the Dolphins' performance in the game did not hurt them in the power rankings, at least in SB Nation's 2014 NFL Power Rankings for Week 7.

Coming off the bye week, Miami was 24th last week, unchaniged from their position after beating the Oakland Raiders in Week 4. After this week's loss, the Dolphins actually moved up a position, coming in as the 23rd ranked team. Of course, being near the bottom of the third-quarter of the teams in the league is nothing special, and is not something to be celebrated, but it at least represents that the Dolphins at least played well (in the second half) against the Packers.

The rest of the AFC East has the New England Patriots moving up one spot from 13th to 12th this week, while the Buffalo Bills fall from 17th to 21st and the New York Jets hold steady at 27th.

The Packers moved up one position, from 9th to 8th, for their win against the Dolphins.

Miami will face the Chicago Bears, the 15th ranked team in SB Nation's Power Rankings, next weeken in Chicago.