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Could Dan Marino be headed back to the Dolphins? Sage Rosenfels thinks it's the right move

The Miami Dolphins are currently looking for a person to fill their newly vacated General Manager position. However, former Dolphins quarterback Sage Rosenfels thinks the team should go another way, and target someone else. Could Dan Marino be heading back to Miami?

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

The Miami Dolphins are currently searching for a new General Manager after "mutually agreeing" with Jeff Ireland to part ways. Yesterday, we took a look at some potential targets for the team, including current Green Bay Packers Senior Personnel Assistant Alonzo Highsmith, Pittsburgh Steelers Director of Football and Business Administration Omar Kahn, and Seattle Seahawks Senior Personnel Executive Scot McCloughan. However, could the Dolphins look to go another direction?

Former Dolphins quarterback Sage Rosenfels has made his thoughts on the current situation known:

Could Miami look to give the Vice President of Football Operations, or the "football czar," position to their Hall of Fame quarterback? Would the fact that Marino held the position for three weeks back in 2004 deter Miami from hiring him now, despite that the previous stint was under owner Wayne Huizenga and not Stephen Ross?

Would a move like putting current Assistant General Manager Brian Gaine, a man seen as an up-and-coming GM candidate, into the GM seat, with Marino over him as the football czar be right right move for Miami?

In recent weeks, reports have said Marino would consider moving into a front office role, if one were offered. But, is he ready to take on the role as the top executive? Would he have any success?

It does not appear that Marino is on Dolphins owner Stephen Ross' radar for the position, but it could be something to consider. It would give the Dolphins an immediate face-of-franchise and would tie the team back to their greatest player. It's an idea many fans will immediately get behind and it would excite the fanbase, which is dying to be excited.