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NFL Playoff Schedule 2014: Broncos to host Colts or Chargers; Seahawks welcome Saints

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The first day of the 2014 NFL Playoffs is complete, with half of the Wildcard round in the books. How do the wins from the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans impact the schedule for next weekend's Division round? We look. SB Nation 2014 NFL Playoff Coverage

Andy Lyons

The NFL Playoff schedule is hard to follow some times. The main thing to always remember is that, from the Wildcard to the Divisional rounds of the Playoffs, the number one seed will always play the lowest remaining seed from within their conference. The postseason is not actually a straight bracket, so figuring out who will play where next weekend is not always an easy answer.

The first two games of the Playoffs are now complete, with the fourth seeded Indianapolis Colts beating the fifth seeded Kansas City Chiefs and the sixth seed New Orleans Saints defeating the third seeded Philadelphia Eagles. We now know that the AFC Divisional round will feature the Denver Broncos, as the top seed, hosting either the Colts or the sixth seeded San Diego Chargers, should they win tomorrow. The New England Patriots, with the second seed in the American Football Conference, will host the third seed Cincinnati Bengals if they beat the Chargers, or Indianapolis.

On the NFC side, it's a little more clear thanks to the sixth seed winning. The top seeded Seattle Seahawks will host the Saints, and the winner of tomorrow's (4) San Francisco 49ers at (5) Green Bay Packers contest will travel to the second seeded Carolina Panthers.

Because that's not the clearest thing to understand, here is the current Playoffs schedule, graphically.