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2014 NFL Free Agents: AFC North soon-to-be free agents

The 2013 NFL regular season is complete. Over the next couple of weeks, we will build our Phinsider free agency tracker, one division at a time. We start this morning with the AFC North.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

With the Miami Dolphins home for the offseason, the NFL Playoffs will be purely entertainment for fans of the South Florida franchise for the fifth straight season. Even as the postseason tournament kicks off this afternoon, we are also already turning our eye to the 2014 season.

On of the first events on the league schedule in the offseason will be the annual free agency period. This year, we are going to build a tracker of every available free agent, looking at each division before putting the full list together. We start that this morning with the AFC North.

Last Name First Name Position Type 2013 Team 2014 Team
Allen Will S UFA Pittsburgh Steelers
Boley Michael LB UFA Cincinnati Bengals
Brown Omar S ERFA Baltimore Ravens
Bryant Darrell LB ERFA Baltimore Ravens
Burress Plaxico WR UFA Pittsburgh Steelers
Butler Rashad OT UFA Pittsburgh Steelers
Bynes Josh LB RFA Baltimore Ravens
Clark Dallas TE UFA Baltimore Ravens
Clark Ryan S UFA Pittsburgh Steelers
Cody Terrence NT UFA Baltimore Ravens
Collins Anthony OT UFA Cincinnati Bengals
Cotchery Jerricho WR UFA Pittsburgh Steelers
Cousins Oniel G UFA Cleveland Browns
Crocker Chris S UFA Cincinnati Bengals
Cundiff Billy K UFA Cleveland Browns
Dickson Ed TE UFA Baltimore Ravens
Doss Tandon WR UFA Baltimore Ravens
Dwyer Jonathan RB UFA Pittsburgh Steelers
Ghee Brandon CB UFA Cincinnati Bengals
Graham Corey CB UFA Baltimore Ravens
Hamilton Adrian LB RFA Baltimore Ravens
Hawkins Andrew WR RFA Cincinnati Bengals
Hood Ziggy DE UFA Pittsburgh Steelers
Ihedigbo James S UFA Baltimore Ravens
Johnson David TE UFA Pittsburgh Steelers
Johnson Michael DE UFA Cincinnati Bengals
Jones Arthur DE UFA Baltimore Ravens
Jones Felix RB UFA Pittsburgh Steelers
Jones Jacoby WR UFA Baltimore Ravens
Keisel Brett DE UFA Pittsburgh Steelers
Lauvao Shawn G UFA Cleveland Browns
Levine Anthony S RFA Baltimore Ravens
Mack Alex C UFA Cleveland Browns
Mays Taylor S UFA Cincinnati Bengals
McBriar Mat P UFA Pittsburgh Steelers
McClellan Albert LB RFA Baltimore Ravens
McGahee Willis RB UFA Cleveland Browns
Miles Jeromy S UFA Baltimore Ravens
Monroe Eugene OT UFA Baltimore Ravens
Oher Michael OT UFA Baltimore Ravens
Olsen Eric C RFA Pittsburgh Steelers
Pitta Dennis TE UFA Baltimore Ravens
Pollak Mike G UFA Cincinnati Bengals
Rey Vincent LB RFA Cincinnati Bengals
Robertson Craig LB ERFA Cleveland Browns
Roland Dennis OT UFA Cincinnati Bengals
Sanders Emmanuel WR UFA Pittsburgh Steelers
Sanzenbacher Dane WR RFA Cincinnati Bengals
Scott Bernard RB UFA Baltimore Ravens
Smith Alex TE UFA Cincinnati Bengals
Smith Daryl LB UFA Baltimore Ravens
Stephens-Howling LaRod RB UFA Pittsburgh Steelers
Stokley Brandon WR UFA Baltimore Ravens
Sylvester Stevenson LB UFA Pittsburgh Steelers
Tate Brandon WR UFA Cincinnati Bengals
Trawick Bynden S ERFA Baltimore Ravens
Velasco Fernando C UFA Pittsburgh Steelers
Wallace Cody C UFA Pittsburgh Steelers
Ward T.J. S UFA Cleveland Browns
Warren Greg LS UFA Pittsburgh Steelers
Westerman Jamaal LB UFA Pittsburgh Steelers
Whimper Guy OT UFA Pittsburgh Steelers
Woods Al DE UFA Pittsburgh Steelers
Worilds Jason LB UFA Pittsburgh Steelers