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Site update: 'Rec' color changes

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The Phinsider has been updated in a subtle, yet important way today. Gone are the days of green goo for "rec'd" comments. Now, we fall more in line with the colors of the site - and the Miami Dolphins. Check it out.

Oli Scarff

Since The Phinsider came into existence seven years ago, recommending comments led to the green color we have all known and loved. It picked up the name "goo" because that's basically what it looked like. Goo.

But, no more.

That green color is officially gone from The Phinsider. Now, comments will take a more Miami Dolphins and site friendly color, with the background of the comment a lighter shade of the team's blue, while the thumbs up icon is blue. Want to see what it looks like? Here's a screen shot. You can also check it out by rec-ing comments below or across the site.


However, I have made it a little harder to earn the new color. Previously, three recs would earn goo. Now, to get to blue, you have to have five recs. With the size of the site and the number of members we have, that shouldn't be too hard. But, it does make getting blue comments a little more special.

Enjoy our new blue comments!