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Phinsider Radio - Jonathan Martin bullying-scandal and Super Bowl preview

Phinsider Radio is live tonight with a look at this weekend's Super Bowl featuring the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks. We will also talk about the Jonathan Martin bullying allegations, and Richie Incognito's response. Join the discussion live here.

The NFL Playoffs have reached their culmination with the Super Bowl this weekend. The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks face off on Sunday for the Lombardi Trophy. Meanwhile, the Dolphins are back to dealing with the Jonathan Martin bullying allegations. Join the Phinsider crew as they discuss all of this live on Thursday night at 10pm ET.

The Phinsider Podcast is a weekly show brought to you from SB Nation's Miami Dolphins blog. Each week, we take a look at the last week of news for the Dolphins, preview the next game, and take your calls.

If you miss the live show you can also find us on iTunes. Search for the Phinsider Podcast.