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Phinsider Top Active Members in 2013

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The Phinsider is a Miami Dolphins blog community. I stress the word community for a reason. Our Fan Posts, Fan Shots, and comments make this the place to go to discuss the Dolphins, and just about anything else as well. As we did last year for 2012, we will now take a look at our top members from 2013.

Chris Trotman

We've made it into 2014, meaning it's time to take a look back at all of 2013. We aren't looking at the Dolphins' 2013, however. Today, we are taking a look back at the Phinsider's 2013. This site is not about me or any of the contributors. It's about you, the reader, the member, the people who leave comments and write FanPosts. It's about FanShots and Random Live Threads. This should be a community, and because of all of you, it is.

As we did at the start of 2013, looking back at 2012, today we will look at the most active members of the site from last year. And, as I did last year, I will skip the contributors in the rankings - however, I will provide for you their crazy numbers because James McKinney deserves some recognition for averaging nearly a FanPost a day.

On to our recognition:

Most Fan Posts

2012 Number 2013 Number
1 Ohiofinfan4life 62 Dolfankenny 40
2 wild zion beaver 46 wild zion beaver 38
3 MartinH04 35 Ohiofinfan4life 35
4 kermit the frogger29 26 SUTTON 22
5 PhinnyFromItaly 23 Cintronz / TheFloridanDebater 18
James McKinney 2013 Fan Posts: 325

Most FanShots

2012 Number 2013 Number
1 Strange 75 PhrozenPhish 108
2 BahamaDolfan 60 phinfansc1980 102
3 phinfansc1980 56 Strange 65
4 David Leal 48 i bleed for really! 29
5 PhrozenPhish 40 Corroncho 26
Kevin Nogle 2013 FanShots: 133 / KIH004 2013 FanShots: 68 / James McKinney 2013 FanShots: 35

Most Comments

2012 Number 2013 Number
1 wild zion beaver 17,744 wild zion beaver 20,429
2 Alpha6 17,415 Alpha6 15,510
3 daytonadolfan 8,524 daytonadolfan 7,309
4 Little Nicky 21 7,399 PhinFan305 5,104
5 Strange 6,191 Agent J 78 4,395
James McKinney 2013 Comments: 21,737 / KIH004 2013 Comments: 7,489

Congratulations to everyone on the lists. Can you beat them next year? Can we get a different top three in the comments list? Can anyone catch James in either FanPosts or in Comments during 2014?

To each-and-every one of our nearly 13,000 Phinsider community members, thank you for another great year. This has been our busiest, and hopefully best, year in the seven-plus year history of the site. So, once again, thank you for reading, commenting, and posting. Keep it up in 2014, and let's see who wins this year's recognition.