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Which Miami Dolphins player do you want to stay forever?

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You have the power to turn one player into a robot and ensure he plays forvever. Which player do you choose?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations, you now have the technological expertise to turn one man into a robot. Of course, since you are reading this blog, you choose to use your new-found powers the only way it makes sense - you will turn a Miami Dolphins player into a permanent fixture on the roster. Who will be your RoboCop? (RoboPhin?)

The rules: (1) it has to be a current player - sorry, you can't bring Dan Marino or Ricky Williams back and turn them into a robot, nor can you bring back the Robot and turn him into Chad Henne - (2) you have to tell us why, and (3)the player you choose cannot be named Cameron Wake - sorry, way too many people would pick him.

Going with my immediate reaction, I had two names come to mind. The first was punter Brandon Fields. The man is a weapon from the punter position. He single handedly changes field position simply by blasting a ball. He coffin corners the ball extrememly well, and he has the third-highest yards-per-punt average in NFL history.

However, I won't pick him because, well, because I am pretty certain he is actually already a robot. Either that or possibly super-human.

Instead, I will choose Brent Grimes. Grimes is already a freak of nature, shutting down receivers effortlessly. He tore his Achilles tendon and came back like it was nothing. Now, we will turn the Pro Bowl cornerback into a ball-hawking, lumber-laying interception machine. Well, into more of one than he already is.

Who do you choose? Ryan Tannehill? Mike Pouncey? Mike Wallace? Olivier Vernon? Let us know in the comments below.